Wednesday, June 03, 2009

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Today's shortwave BLOG LOGS, represent a portion of additional logs recently cut from my SWBC Logs column in Monitoring Times magazine at due to space constraints. Contributions are always welcome for the magazine or blog, and may be directed to my above email address. Thanks very much to the contributors and blog readers for your kind words and support.
Gayle VH

All times UTC, frequencies in kHz, English unless otherwise indicated // parallel frequencies.
* sign-on - sign-off *

Radio Australia (Brandon) 11660, 2156-2158. Pop music, talk by man at 2157, followed by Walting Matilda tune and ID. Signal gone by 2158, poor signal, Also noted at very poor level from Shepparton on 11650 with same program details, but not 100% in sync with 11660 Evans).
ABC Northern Territory Service (Tennant Creek) 4910, 0817-0838. While tuning an almost dead 60 meter band found Aussie accented English on band. Initial talk from announcer, then pop music at 0822, more talk and listener’s call-ins. News at 0830 past scheduled close, gone by 0838. (Evans).

Fususato No Kaze (presumed) 9780, *1600-1630.* Opening routine, including music from Sakura, followed by Japanese talks. Closedown routine at 1625 including the same website mentioned above. Never did catch an ID, though Shiokaze also reported here (Wilkins).

Voice of the Broad Masses of Eritrea (Asmera) 7175, 0353-0405. Interval signal and recorded announcements in Amharic. Jammer cranked up at 0359, tonight with about ten seconds of loud music. VOBME switched to 7165 and in the clear two minutes with opening by lady announcer. (Evans).

Radio Ethiopia 7110, 0412-0425. Horn of Africa music with brief announcements, returning to musical segments. Good signal with some fading observed. No parallel frequewncies noted (Evans).

All India Radio-Bangalore 11620, 2151-2205. Indian pop music to station ID on the hour and world news. Good signal with less than normal fading. Noted // on 9945 with almost identical signal. No other parallels noted. (Evans).

VOIRI (Kamalabad) 15085, 1734-1740. End of Qu’ran segment followed by announcers’ talk portion. Station ID, schedules and addresses at 1737. Instrumental music at 1738 with announcers’ talk-over. Good signal with some fading observed, no // noted. (Evans).

Radio Madagasikara (Antanarivo) 5009.95, 0310-0335. Possible French service including pop music noted with occasional low audio talk from announcers and background piano music. Talk segment ended at 0324 followe dby upbeat yet smooth easy vocals with a hint of African instruments. Poor signal observed with fading. (Evans).

RTV de Mali 9635, *0800-0815. Station’s sign-on with interval signal melody of of drums/flute. Opening identification during extremely good signal quality. 5995, 0610-0630. Spectacular tribal music full of drums with both instrumentals and vocals up to 0630. French announcements and conversations to full station ID in French,followed by Arabic. Recheck at 0758 where audio was all but gone Gangbusters signal on 9635, *0800-0845. 5995, 0535-0545 with splendid listening including “Radio Mali” ID’s throughout (Barker).

Radio Mauritanie 4845, 0800-0810. Station ID at 0800, followed by Arabic news briefs to 0805. Signal strong for Mauritania, despite local weather problems. (Barker).

Radio Mediterranee International/Medi 1, 9575, 0635-0650. Male/female in French discussion. Station promos and musical bridges between topics (Barker).

New Zealand
Radio NZ International 6070, 0805-0830. Continuous music, mostly geat indigenous tunes up to 0822. English station ID and postal/.web addresses. More music to intros for BBC World News relay (Barker).

Voice of Nigeria 9690, 0810-0830. Announcer obviously with laryngitis this morning! Hideous modulation wrecked any opportunity to pick out anything intelligible during Hausa service. Tune-out at 0830 because signal was too annoying to continue trying to copy. Subsequent check the next day for 9690, *0800-0835 (Barker).

South Africa
Radio Sondergrense (Meyerton) 3320, 0431-0450. Tuned in to hear their usual excellent pop music and found classical Strauss waltz music with occasional Afrikaans talk from host. Good signal. (Evans).

SRTC 7200, *0237-0245. Call to Prayer segment in Arabic and mentions of “Huna Omdurman” at 0241. Amateur radio interference on frequency (Evans).

Voice of Boafra International via WHRI, Cypress Creek, SC. Station ID to instrumnetal anthem, followed by same identification and vocal anthem in English by woman. Prayer at 2107, news at 2112. Local vocal music at 2135. Good signal (Evans).

Voice Africa 4965, 0430-0440. Modern praise and worship music, Announcer’s talk on the Gospel of Matthew. Station ID as “Radio Christian Voice” at 0435. Signal good-very good (Wood).

Brian Alexander, PA
Chuck Bolland, FL
Bruce Barker, PA
Jim Evans, TN
John Wilkins, CO
Joe Wood, TN