Friday, June 19, 2009

Blog Logs

All times UTC // parallel frequency *sign-on sign-off*

RAE, 15345 Radio al Exterior; 2316-2323+. Tango to fanfare at 2318+ into two male announcers in Spanish with Argentina news. RAE ID at 2322+ then back into music. SIO 353, no detectable // noted on 6090 // 11710. (Harold Frodge, MI/MARE # 533)

7400 Radio Bulgaria, 2048-2102*. Program in French before 210. Interval signal to 2100 into English schedule. SIO 3+22.+ Signal strong with hiss interference. (Harold Frodge, MI/MARE # 533)

Voice of Vietnam relay, 6175, 0107-0122. "Vietnam Music and Artists". Poor to average signal with much fading. Not a very strong signal from Canada. (Kincaid-MI/MARE # 533)

6080, HCJB, (presumed), 0912-0930. Music until 0915 when a male comments in (Spanish?). At 0918 it seems that canned ADs or promos are presented. This is followed by music which contains a lot of flute, used. I am leaning towards this being Bolivia, but Ecuador's HCJB is also listed on this frequency. At 0924 a canned ID is heard as "Radio H C . ...." then more canned information. So my preference is tipped back to HCJB because of th partial ID. The language being used seems to be a venacular at this point. Signal was poor with static crashes. (Chuck Bolland,FL)

4750, RRI Makassar, 0940-1100. At tune in, noted a female in Indonesian comments prior to a few bars of music. She returns in comments after. Comments and music continue during the period. Nearer the hour, the music is more Islamic type. Signal was poor the entire period. (Chuck Bolland, FL)

9680, RRI Jakarta, 0842-0905. At tune in, noted a male chanting or reciting an (Islamic?) type hymn. At 0852, he finishes and a female continues to comment in Indonesian language. She is later joined by a male. More chanting is heard at 0856 by a group of individuals. This entire period of programming could have been especially intended for an indigenous group of people from some locality in Indonesia judging from the chanting and tone of the programming. Regardless, this format continued into the new hour. Signal was fair. (Chuck Bolland, FL)

7395 Radio Sweden relay, 2048-2059.* English News and Views segment to feature on Greenland, mentioned that now the glacier has receded, oil and gas exploration is possible. (Harold Frodge, MI/MARE # 533)

11884.68v, 1230-1237*. Heard another RTM oddity! The distorted audio of Voice of Malaysia (Suara Malaysia), in Chinese, ended at 1230. After that clearly heard the non-distorted audio feeds of both Asyik FM (// 6049.60v) and Radio Malaysia Klasik Nasional (// 5964.90v). Both equal strength. To date I have not heard a new ID for Asyik FM (Ron Howard,CA/Cumbre DX)

6104.66, XEQM/Radio Candela, 0757-0820+.Noted a very good signal here with plenty of ID's as "Candela". At 0758 noted promos and canned commercials until the hour. On the hour, seems a couple of minutes of live comments, possibly news. Then typcial Mexicana type music with canned ID during and between tunes. Could not catch entire ID phrase but "Candela" was very clear by a female. Signal was good. (Chuck Bolland, FL/Cumbre DX)

4940, Peru, R.San Antonio, Villa Atalaya. Spanish 2154-2206 monitored this time with religious music and some OM and YL talks; returned monitoring from 2238 with same content but a strange ID as “R. Lozano” or something around it, don’t heard it well (but with that known “vozes del Peru”). From 2300 turned audio silent until 2305 returning with latin music, at 2307 OM announcements about a sports program “el mundo desportivo; nuevo tenico desportivo municipal, Copa Peru 2009”. 2319 hoped ID “R. San Antonio a servicio de la comunidad”, ads. Heard until 2322, at peak. (Lúcio Otávio Bobrowiec, Brazil/playdx2003)

Pirate radio
Red Rhino Radio
6925.0.1USB, 0038-0102.+ Alternating rock tunes and SSTV. Red Rhino Radio ID at 0058 and . SIO 322. Most music distorted, but much cleaner after the 0050 SSTV and seemed to drop from 6925.1 to 6925.0. Hear occasional talk of SSTV. Tough copy. Per e-mail from RRR, the SSTV was not them, so probably the main source of the apparent distortion. (Frodge-M, MI/MARE # 533)

7320, Radio Rossii, (presumed) 1015-1030. Two males in Russian language conversation. A slow speed RTTY signal is on the freq causing interference while Radio Rossii is at a poor level.(Chuck Bolland, FL)

Solomon Islands
SIBC, 9541.50, 0651-0755/ Signal weak/fair, but steady. BBC news at 0700, played REO
Speedwagon “In Your Letter” & Fleetwood Mac “Don’t Stop.” Most of the programming was some sort of news show with reports from reporters in the field, telephone interviews, etc. I could pick out a word or so here and there, but the weak signal and UK (I think UK, not Aussie, so maybe more BBC programming?) accents were just a bit too much for me to overcome (Andrew Yoder,PA/Cumbre DX)

9541.13, SIBC, 0820-0845. Not a very good signal yet. Consequently, copying any details was a struggle. Noted a male as host interviewing a couple of females in English. The signal was being covered by the "Pacific noise" that usually accompanies signals at this time of day and from that area. (Chuck Bolland, FL)

6150, Radio Taiwan Int'l (presumed) 1030-1045. Could not find a parallel of this to help with it's ID. Noted signal with great circle fading - figure of speech. Program consisted of male and female in Chinese language talk. Except for the echo effect caused by the two signals arriving out of phase, this station had a strong signal. (Chuck Bolland, FL)