Thursday, June 11, 2009

Blog Logs - pirate radio

All times UTC // parallel frequency *sign-on sign-off*

Barnyard Radio
6930USB, 0235. SINPO 34443. White noises, BYR ID in mid song, 0300 operator naming all the songs played. some QRM from Liquid Radio on 6925 AM (Ragnar/FRW #694)

Blue Ridge Radio
6925USB *0003-0058* 5/30/09 SIO 242+. Program of bluegrass banjo music, said to be transmitted from high atop the Blue Ridge Mountains. Gave address of and asked for repts. (Zeller/FRW #695)

6932.6USB, 0110-0121. HF FAX mode, "BOZO FAX" text. Pictures of a certain caller to Allan Weiner Worldwide, accompanied with strange graphics. Multiple "faxes" received. S3/5. 0145, 6932.5USB. Strange voices. "Okay, weirdos" with musical accompaniment. A7. More fax at 0155 followed by weird audio and crazy sound bytes. Pink Floyd "Dark Side of the Moon" at 0202, off at 0206. Overall S5 with 6930 utility whine throughout. (Will/FRW #695)

Dead Cat Radio
6925USB, 0101, SINPO 34433. Luca, 99.9f degrees, DCR ID at 1013. Barber Shop Quartet with ukulele Hawaiian music (Ragnar/FRW #693)

Gray Rhino Radio
6925USB, 0105-0124. Fair/poor/static. heavy metal music tune: In Your Head (?), said "Gray Rhino Radio playing music by the Cranberries, mentioned . I havent tried that address yet.I just tried to email Gray Rhino Radio and it bounced immediately. Gave Mail to: for reports. (Zeller/FRW #693)(Hassig/FRW #693)

6927.4-28.0USB, 0207-0239+. Rock tunes (sounded like lotsa Doors tunes) and announcer chit-chat.Station ID at 0238+. SIO 342. Woodpecker blasts and frequency dropped steadily. My 600th "different" pirate heard, maybe at least 10 different transmitters! (Frodge/FRW #693)

Long Range Radio
6925USB, 0107. Pirate radio song. Jimmy Buffets pirate song, Long Range Radio ID at 0121, more Buffet. slow boat to China. mentioned Bodie? CA at sign off (Ragnar) 6925USB, 0110-0135* Good to excellent signal. The show started off with Jimmy Buffet in concert. Repeated several times the song "I'm a pirate" by Jimmy. At sign off, Male announcer said, "Hi from Bolde, California, Long Range Radio." (Majewski/FRW #693)

MAC Shortwave
6925AM, 2330. SINPO 34444. Ultraman announcing they will be moving to 6850 "very soon." Program playing a bunch of instrumental music pieces. (Ragnar/FRW #693)

North Sea Radio
6925USB, 0135-0150. Pirate and sea shanty type songs. SINPO 34344. (John Poet/FRW #693)

Outhouse Radio
6925USB, 0104-0124, SIO 353, Radio First Termer program, E-QSL received for full details posted at FRN, (Silvi/FRW #695)

Radio GaGa
6925 kHz, 0226. Heard SSTV, then music with ELO, speech with mention of Senator McCarthy, then SSTV (which I managed to decode as Radio GaGa) at 0239.(Pimblett/FRW #693)

Radio Carp International
6926USB, 0153. Tune in to weak talk by man. Station IDs, followed by at 0157 one minute of bugle (sounded like it was by voice, not instrument) and IDs, still on after 0200. Fair to poor with noise. please QSL ! (Foltz/FRW #693)

Radio Station XXP
6925.0USB, 0054-0102. "I drink your rum boys", 0055 Radio Station XXP ID, This is radio station, pirate radio station XXP." This is the first broadcast from this operator, 0102 off Fair. (Rohde/FRW #693)

Voice of Honor
6925USB, 0219. SINPO 44434. Station ID at sign on. (sounding a lot like KAOS) program for the troops, followed by Stars and Stripes. Playing the various military branch songs for Army, Navy, Marines. Email to: (Ragnar/FRW #693)

Voice of Kaos
6925USB, 0218-0223. Signal fair, mentioned "We represent the dark side." Music tune Wild Thing by the Troggs, off with Get Smart TV theme.(Hassig/FRW #693)

Radio Free Speech repeats, 6850AM, 2255-0004* A good signal The show start with a people repeating the word Monkey over and over followed by WBNY ID. Comedy song about cows and a cows' revolution for freedom. Another one about bunnies multiplying and some one trying to give them away. At 2308, Bill O' Rights came on with a Radio Free Speech show. Old show that mentions Bill Clinton. At 2338, WBNY show "I am a good monkey" was played. Interesting combination of shows. (Majewski/FRW #693)

6950USB, 2305. SIO 232. "Black Friday", just barely over the noise, much stronger at 2326. Tune, "Let's Work Together." SIO 333, still pretty noisy (Fansome/FRW #693)

Wind Up Radio
6926.31, 0035-0103. SIO 353-2. Music, many IDs,many shout outs. (Silvi/FRW #693)

A couple operators are no longer QSLing via snail mail...
Per postings on the Free Radio Network:

Kracker of Radio Jamba International: "I have asked the drop operator to return any reports to sender. I have not given the Belfast drop as a contact point in over 2 years. With the advent of technology they can find me via E-mail @ If I am in the mood to do a QSL I will but not before. I just find it redundant to get a snail mail report for a show that happened 6 months ago and them expecting more than I already gave with my show. Especially when no qsl was offered. -Kracker "

The Poet of The Crystal Ship: " Since I finally figured out how to do a basic e-QSL, we are going to switch to those for any Emailed reports-- particularly since I can't really afford all the printing and postage right now, and they'll get done quicker. Please EMAIL any QSL reports to our GMAIL address, tcsshortwave at -John Poet (FRW #695)

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