Sunday, June 28, 2009

Blog Logs - pirate radio

Selected pirate loggings from the fine folks at Free Radio Weekly.

All times UTC *sign-on sign-off*

Captain Morgan
6924.7USB, 2314-2345, SIO 242/242. Program of rock music with their signature Twilight Zone theme song clips here and there. Male announcer voice hard to copy until I figured out that the center freq was 300 Hz below 6925. Weakened at times, making copy difficult. (Zeller, OH/FRW #697)

Cat Butt Radio
6925USB, 0122. Signal good-fair with static. Audio problems and dropouts. Female DJ, punk rock by female bands. (Hassig,IL?FRW #697)6925USB, 2122-2132. SINPO 35433. Catt Butt Radio followed station XXP sign off. (Ragnar/FRW #697)

Jack Buck Radio
6925USB (tentative) 0002-0010, SIO 242. Program of rock music. Announcer's ID at open and close of programming. It sounded like Jack Buck to me, or similar. FRN people were calling this one Cat Butt. The actual ID is unclear. (Zeller, OH/FRW #697)

Radio Casablanca
6940AM, 0214-0334. Very entertaining program of period music related to classic movie Casablanca. SINPO 32333 with good audio, fairly steady signal with some fades and occasional interference from local RFI (bad streetlight in my neighborhood). Blue Skiy (confirmed by Radio Casablanca via e-mail), I'm In Heaven (artist unknown), Frank Sinatra's Fly Me To The Moon. Positive ID as Radio movie Casablanca. Ended with tunes La Marseillaise and Bogey's line from Casablanca, "This could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship." (Jenkins, TX/RW #697)

Radio Dismuke
6925USB, 0253, SIO 232. Signal just above the noise, been on for at least a half hour now. Station ID at 0254, but couldn't make it out. Another ID and off at about 0313. ID from Evil Elvis on #pirateradio, corrected by L Cee on the FRN (Fansome, PA/FRW #698)

Radio Gaga
6935USB, 0117-0145+. Fair signal. Show started after a SS TV broadcast. Played several Carrs tunes like, Let the Good Times Roll, and Jim Hendrix's Third Rock from the Sun. Station ID given in CW. (Majewski CT/FRW #698)

Radio Mushroom
6925USB, *0112-0138.* SIO 232. Modest level in static. Program of rock music that including Bowie's Suffragette City and also Radar Love. I had some trouble copying the announced ID and address, but there was a clear ID at QRT by announcer. (Zeller, OH/FRW #698)

The Crystal Ship
5285.3AM, 0226-0237+, SIO 343. The Poet with a program of rock music by Yes and Hendrix. One military marching skit in the middle of the show. Good level. Had to go to bed before the program was over. (Zeller, OH/FRW #697)

Voice of the Robots
6925USB, 0021-0043, SIO 333. Station ID and music. ID at 0024, and (?) rap-like song, more music at 0027. Station ID at 0030 in robot-like voice to gmail adress a couple times(?). Hard to tell but thought he also said time is wasting, then some SSTV or QRM from SSTV?. Music at 0031, and 0043 ID and QRT. (Silvi, Ohio/FRW #697)

We Monkey Radio
6925USB, 2120. SINPO 35333. WMR coming in with some slight and fast fading. Program repeated at 2135 (Ragnar/FRW #698)

Red Rhino Radio
6925USB, 0038-0102+, SIO 322. Radio ID at 0058 Most of the stations music distorted, but much cleaner after the 0050 SSTV, and seemed to drop from 6925.1 to 6925.0. Tough copy. Per e-mail from RRR, the SSTV was not them, so probably the main source of the apparent distortion. (Frodge, MI/FRW #697)