Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Cheetah Radio QSLs

Hi, Friends,

On the Swedish National Day, June 6th, I heard Cheetah Radio on 11885 kHz at 16.00-16.30 with a program about Project Risks. The host, Michelle LaBrosse, confirmed my reception in one hour via e-mail and promised a QSL-card later on. Mail address: radio@cheetahlearning.com or michelle@cheetahpower.net
73 from the island of Gotland and Björn Fransson/(HCDX)

Cheetah Radio is a new station via Media Broadcast in English:
1600-1700 UTC on Saturday, 11885 kHz via Wertachtal, Germany / 125kW targeted to South Asia. (DX Mix News 573)

11885, Cheetah Radio, via Wertachtal, Germany 1600UTC sign-on to 1640 fade out (scheduled till 1659 to India on Sa only), Sa May 23. Two women talking all the time in American English about a happy life, SINPO 32332, drowned by Xinjiang PBS in Uighur 11885, Radio Okapi 11890 and others. (Petersen). Heard very good in Bulgaria. Broker: WRMI via Media Broadcast. (Ivanov via BC-DX and Gupta/DX Window 377)