Sunday, June 28, 2009

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Cuba - DXers Unlimited program link
Arnie Coro's radio program for June 27-28 edition at:

Laos on 7145
Lao National Radio (presumed reactivated), 1250-1338, June 28. Playing southeast Asian music. This is the same type as routinely heard on 6130 via LNR. French began before 1300 UTC. English began at 1326, with frequency given (so probably an ID). Between the summer QRN and the amateur radio operators, reception was poor. They must have had timing problems today, as I noticed the gong/bell started late at 1203 on 6130 and the switch in languages here was early by about four minutes. My local sunrise was 1249, Vientiane, Laos sunset at 1148. (Ron Howard, CA)

Madagascar monitoring
RTVM (presumed) 6134.91, 1406-1427, June 12. Thanks to a tip from Dan Sheedy in southern California, I heard them in French. Sounded like the news was followed by Afircan hilife music. Signal began as fair but faded down to very poor. Was unable to heard the \\ 7105 that Dan has been hearing. For me PBS Nei Menggu (China) on 7105 is just too strong to catch anything under them. Dan noted a sign-off at 1446 on June 7.

6134.89v RTVM (presumed) 1342-1406 + 1449-1452.* June 28. For the first time I noticed segments of both French and assume Malagasy. Commercials to Africa hihlife music and conversation in Malagasy (clearly not French) between two men which seemed to be a comedy. Station went off the air in mid sentence, almost fair quality. Unable to confirm any parallels. (Ron Howard, CA)

Malaysia monitoring
5964.92 Klasik Nasional, 1106-1125 Jun 8. News in progress with lady announcer, 1110 Klasik Nasional jingle. Some sort of Qu'ran program consisting of verses alternating with flute music and commentaries by man and woman announcers. Tuned out at 1125. Signal Fair at best.
(John Wilkins, CO)

5964.90v Klasik Nasional FM via RTM, 1353-1359, June 13. Vernacular text by lady DJ with pop songs. Signal fair and covered by strong China Radio Internaitonal sign-on.

6049.60v Radio Suara Islam, 1402-1415, June 16. Vernacular. Reciting from the Qur'an, looking for possible new station ID, but just the usualas, "Radio Suara Islam FM" and "Radio Suara Islam, Kuala Lumpur." Station had transmitter problems today, as pre-1400 (Asyik FM time slot) had open carrier with no audio, while the Suara Islam audio was not up to their usual good

11884.67v Voice of Malaysia (Suara Malaysia) via RTM (presumed), 1221-1229*, June 9. Chinese service including pop music during strong signal, but very distorted audio.

11884.70v Voice of Malaysia (Suara Malaysia) via RTM, 1221-1232*, June 14. Chinese, \\ 15295 (1230*) both good signals and both terrible audios. English ID at 1229 as, "this is the Voice of Malaysia.") After VOM audio ended at 1230 on 11884.70, heard another audio feed from RTM with no distortio. Unable to ID and suddenly off at 1232.

11884.68v 1230-1237*, June 19. Heard another RTM oddity! The distorted audio of Voice of Malaysia (Suara Malaysia) in Chinese ended at 1230. After that, clearly heard the non-distorted audio feeds of both Asyik FM (\\ 6049.60v) and Radio Malaysia Klasik Nasional (\\ 5964.90v). Both equal strength. To date I have not heard a new ID for Asyik FM. (Ron Howard, CA)

Mexico on 6104.66
XEQM/Radio Candela, 0757-0820+ June 18. Noted a very good signal here with plenty of ID's as "Candela". At 0758 promos and canned ads until the hour. On the hour, seems a couple of minutes of live comments, possibly news. Then typical Mexicana type music with canned ID during and between tunes. Could not catch entire ID phrase but "Candela" was very clear by a female. Signal was good.(Chuck Bolland, FL)

Radio Pakistan transmitter site update
I have now received a printed copy of R Pakistans external and domestic services. There is no longer any listing for Peshawar or Quetta and so I assume the shortwave transmitters there are now definitely closed.

However, Islamabad (Rewat) API-8 100kW is listed as carrying Regional Program Rawalpindi-III (listed Pindi-III program) via 4790 at 0045-0215 and 1445-1815, and on 7265 at 0900-1215. The same program also via Rawalpindi (10 kW) on 4790 at 0230-0425 and 1335-1430. I think these timings will actually be 1 hour earlier due to DST. There are no longer programs in Balti or Sheena listed, and of course their schedules never list the Kashmir clandestine transmissions. (Noel R. Green-UK/DSWCI-DX Window Jun 15/24)

Russian MW/SW transmitter site history
Leningrad / St. Petersburg. If interested in one video with a lot of photos of our Leningrad transmitting centres during 1950-1980s including one song of our legendary local rock-group called "Mify" (Myths), the link is:

On the lower left side of the column, transfer the 6-digit INDEX number
into the small window, and click to GREEN icon 'skatchad'.

click on underlined link line

Under 'katchast file', and media player starts the spbrc.wmv file:
sometimes the traffic speed is very low, then start with

One more link: is without sound.
(Mikhail Timofeyev-RUS/HCDX/BC-DX #918)

BBC World service update
Behrouz Afagh, head of the BBC World Service's Asia-Pacific division, said BBC Persian's transmissions have been jammed on and off for two to three days. Afagh said Thursday that the service had found a new satellite that would not be vulnerable to jamming from within Iran. He rejected accusations of meddling or bias. "All we do is to report what's going on [on] the ground. It is factual reporting of what's happening," Afagh said. "We have had people from all sides, but it is more difficult to get from [President Mahmoud] Ahmadinejad's side. But we do reflect their views." With foreign reporters restricted in their movements, BBC Persian is relying heavily on videos and photos uploaded by Iranians, which BBC staff members try to authenticate before posting, the broadcaster said. It said it also is increasingly airing footage from Iranian state television. (DSWCI-DX Window 6/24/09)

WYFR adds freqs to lineup
The following additions, effective 15 June 2009, are added to the Family Stations transmissions via Radio Taiwan Int'l.
0900-1000 UT China 11565 kHz Mandarin
0900-1100 UT China 9855 kHz Mandarin (Monday & Tuesday)
1000-1100 UT China 9855 kHz Mandarin (Wed, Thurs, Fri)
1000-1100 UT China 9920 kHz Mandarin
1200-1300 UT China 11535 kHz Mandarin
(Evelyn Marcy, FL/WYFR)