Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Blog Logs - DXing the Subcontinent

All India Radio

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4820 and MW, AIR Kolkata. After the Cyclone Aila hit, AIR Kolkata on 1008MW was noted back May 27 with sign on at 0730. This channel was the last to recover. Vividh Bharati was on from morning and Kolkata A 657 MW appeared at 0200. This evening I could log SW 4820 under strong Chinese co-channel at 1655. AIR External Service MWtransmitter at Mogra appears to be seriously hit and 594 or 1134 have not been noted whole of today.

We are the lucky few in Kolkata with electricity and water. Cyclone Aila snapped my single stranded copper wire antenna. That is nothing when you consider that 1200 trees and 638 electricity poles have been uprooted in the city. The whole of tram service is suspended and will take some time to recover because the overhead traction has been ripped off in many places. One person lost his life from crashing tree just 25 m from where I live. (Supratik Sanatani, Kolkata, via Gupta/DX Window 378/DSWCI)

4820/7210 and MW, AIR Kolkata. Tropical Cyclone Aila which passed by Kolkata at 100 kmph speed winds on May 25 at around 0930 silenced all the services of AIR Kolkata except its FM service. On May 26, Vividh Bharati on 1323 MW was the first to start. Kolkata A 657MW which signs on morning at 0025 came on air only at 0200. Kolkata B 1008 MW and External Service with Nepali 0130-0230 on 594 MW (Mogra 1000MW) were silent. Kolkata on 4820 could not be logged in the morning transmission 0025-0220. AIR did not make any ann on air about its disruption in services. There was only a cursory mention in the local news bulletin. No signal either on 7210 which is due to sign on at 0230. (Dr.Supratik Sanatani, Kolkata via Gupta)

9425, AIR Bengaluru - National Channel, 1435-1500, May 18, English interview with surgeon from New Delhi hospital; PSA about eating disorders. These programs in English on Mo, We and Fr are primarily public service oriented with talks about health issues, education, 1500 into Hindi. *1318-1420, May 22. Thanks to Alokesh Gupta’s timely tip heard announcer in Hindi and English with coverage of the administering of the oath of office to the various members of the new government; national anthem. (Howard/DX Window 377/DSWCI)

9425, AIR Bengaluru - National Channel, 1435-1500,June 15. In English with program "Vividha"(sp?) (observed on Mon.,Wed. and Fri.); fashion reporter talking about the fashion and textilebusiness in India; lists benefits of exercising; good reception (Ron Howard, CA)

594MW, AIR Mogra, Chinsurah (1000 kW), located some 50 km away from Kolkata, came back after tropical storm Aila at 0130, May 29 with the Nepali service. There was, however, a transmitter noise and it is not clear, if it is running full power. Tropical storm Aila killed some 100 persons in the state of West Bengal, India. (Supratik Sanatani, Kolkata, May 29, via Gupta/DX Window 378/DSWCI)
4950, Radio Kashmir, Srinagar is now noted signing on at *0000. They used to sign on at 0025 in Summer and at 0120 in Winter. (Jacob/DX Window 378/DSWCI)

News from All India Radio Headquarters:
Mr.V.P.Singh, Director, Frequency Assignments, All India Radio has retired. Mr.V.P.Singh was responsible for coordination of frequencies with other broadcasting and telecommunication organisations, assigning frequencies to AIR stations and liaison with international agencies on broadcasting. (Mr. V. P. Singh has signed many of our recent QSL-cards! Ed) Mr. M.S.Ansari, Deputy Director Engg, R and D Dept, All India Radio has been appointed new Director of Frequency Assignments, All India Radio. He is the person responsible for the testing and development of DRM services for All India Radio. (Gupta, Jun 01/DX Window 378/DSWCI)