Monday, April 11, 2011

Radio Bulgaria appeals to listeners

An announcement of Radio Bulgaria. Dear listeners and DX fans, Radio Bulgaria’s Technical Department turns to you with a request for a one month monitoring of our transmissions made in two parts:

Part 1: April 18 through May 1 via a transmitter in Plovdiv 300 kW and
Part 2: May 2 through 15 via a transmitter in Kostinbrod 100 kW as follows:

to West Europe
0430-0500 in Bulgarian on 7400 kHz
0530-0700 in German, French and English on 11600 kHz
1300-1400 in Bulgarian on 15700 kHz
1630-1800 in German, French and English on 7400 kHz
1900-2200 in German, French and English on 7400 kHz

to North America
2300-0300 in English, Bulgarian, French and English on 11700 kHz

We expect your opinions on the possible difference in the strength and quality of the signal from the two transmitters. You can contacts us by e-mail and send us sound files in the MP3 or MP4 format at the following address:

Thank you in advance and 73!

Ivo Ivanov
Frequency Manager
Technical Department
Radio Bulgaria
(DX Mix News # 672)