Monday, April 25, 2011

Pirate radio on shortwave

Time to update what pirate radio fans have been hearing on the shortwave bands in recent weeks. Logs have been edited for clarity. Good luck on chasing the bizarre!
Gayle Van Horn

All times UTC

Ann Hoffer Radio
6925 USB, 2042-2048. SINPO 35343. Ann testing with her guitar. Singing about April. (Ragnar)

Blue Ridge Radio
6925 USB, 2338. SIO 333. Station ID at 23:38. Solid signal but a bit of noise. Bluegrass music to station ID at 2342 and "Mountain Music" (Fansome, PA)

6951 AM, 2354-2412.+ Rock and Country & Western music including tune She Thinks My Tractor's Sexy. SSTV 0003:38-0004:56. QSL via SIO=3+53+, slightly below 6951. (Harold Frodge-DXP)

Captain Morgan
6926.07 AM, 2333-2357. Nice signal here into northwestern Florida, however, hard to understand at times. SINFO 2334 Heavy metal music with steel guitar type stuff..have no idea of the title. Some lead in from the Twilight Zone theme, 2337 Wild, Wild, Wild,Women, a guess to 2344 station ID by Capt. Morgan. Stones' Jumping Jack Flash, followed by Brown Sugar. Captain Morgan station ID again, followed by a few bars of Under the Boardwalk tune and signal gone! Thanks for the great show. Please QSL (Rob Kivell, Gulf Breeze Fl)

Channel Z Radio
6925 AM, 23333. SIgnal fair/poor, S8max. Some static. Music from The Who and songs Summertime Blues, Summer in the City, Women on Your Mind, and Sunny Afternoon. Mentioned QSL via and Box 109, Blue Ridge Summit, PA 17214. Not positive of email address due to static but have @g mail listed in my address list, Drake R8, 7mhz dipole. (Wm Hassig-IL)

Crystal Ship
6815.6 AM, 0030-0045. Had a zero beat on 6815.6 and some (very) faint music. Tried both antennas. From 0046, on suddenly, an S8 signal! Music to male vocals. Pirate talk with Elmer Fud. Station ID at 0058. (Hunsicker, PA)

Germany Calling (
6940 AM, 0023-0140. Station on with horn fanfare. 1940's music.SINPO 45434 (Ragnar)

Radio Appalachia
6935.6 AM, 2345-0051. Fair signal S9max. Some signal fade and static. Announcer Mentioned "broadcasting from high atop moundsville West Virginia" and "free voice of the Ohio Valley." Bluegrass music including religious, 3 Stooges sound clips including "quiet numskulls I'm broadcastin." Johnny Cash's Ring of Fire tune and I Walk the Line before live audience. Good program. (Wm Hassig-IL)

Radio Azteca (P.O. Box 1, Belfat, NY 14711)
6925.14 AM, 2305-2328. Poor S7max. Read letters by listeners including one from nearby Hoffman Estates IL. Mentioned program #27, weird news, Monty Python theme, Rocky & Bulwinkle, Fractured Fairtales and Peabody's improbable history themes, Merry Melodies theme music, at end of broadcast transmitter immediately began relaying another station I couldn't ID. (Wm Hassig-IL)

Radio Casablanca
6925 AM, 0014. SIO 322. Good signal but a lot of noise and static crashes. Music and and dialog from the movie, followed by Big Band music. Station ID at 0014. (Al Fansome, PA)

Radio Jamba International (e-mail reported as last May)
6925.17 AM, 0012-0023+, 0115-0120+, 0254-0301.+ Tunes and bits all relating to female body parts. "RJI" station ID, frequently by lady announcer. SIO=353, cleaner in SSB than AM. (Harold Frodge-DXP)

Radio Mushroom
6925 USB, 0032. A bit noisy but very good signal. Rock tune, American Woman. Station ID at 0033, the only station powered by nuclear power. Identification at 0038hammered by a modem. SIO 433. (Al Fansome, PA)

Radio Timtron relay
6925AM/USB, 0110. Poor signal at S7 noise floor. Talking and laughing in AM, then heavy metal rock music in USB. ID as "Radio Timtron Worldwide." WBCQ jingle, wide variety of pop and rock music. (Wm Hassig-IL)

Random Radio
6925 USB, 0058. SIO 545. Excellent signal and good conditions. Jazzy piano music, then jazzy trumpet music, and Big Band tunes. Charlie Hampton, "this is live radio" at 0100 (Fansome, PA)

Renegade Radio
6925 AM, 0052-0152. SINPO 45434. Operator's sign on with talk about Ronin and Morgan. Mentioned he is doing a relay from WEAK till 0124, then some rock.(Ragnar)

The Big Q
1710 AM the Big Q heard here this morning with oldies and IDs. Can send a reception report if you want to include AM pirates. I'd love to know even what state it's in. My guess is actually Michigan. It's been heard in at least Ontario, Michigan and Manitoba. (Sam Chernos)

WBNY Relay Service
6950 AM, 2223-2305.* Fair signal with Ragnar's Pirates' eek podcast. It was followed by Radio Shrunken Head (60's tunes like Arthur Brown's Fire, Canned Heat's tune Work Together). At 2305 changed to the Voice of Next Thursday. Also heard shows by Metro Radio International and Channel Z. (Greg Majewski-CT)

WFZY Fuzzy Radio
6925 USB, 0330-0350. Country & Western music, signal just barely audible through the mud. Followed by two SSTV with station ID's. Noted remarkable difference in signal strength and clarity over the course of a few minutes. (Jenkins-TX)

6925 AM, 0100-0147. Good S9+ signal. Usual program of heavily compressed industrial dance music. "Micropower Radio" ID. (Hassig-IL) 6955 AM, 0004. SIO 323. Station ID at 0004 into techno-dance music (Fansome, PA)
(FRW # 787/788/789/790/791/792/793)

Euro pirate activity

Delta Radio 6450, 1130, SINPO 34444
Misti Radio 6325, 0845, SINPO 24433
Radio Merlin 6300, 1340, SINPO 44433
Radio Northcoast 6295, 0720, SINPO 34433
Radio Paardenkracht 6305, 1325, 24333
Radio Rockefeller 6305, 1350, SINPO 33433
Radio Star International 6205, 1340, SINPO 44433
(Achim's Free Radio Diasaster/FB)