Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Voice of Free Libya now has an English website

The Benghazi-based Voice of Free Libya now has an English-language website at voicefreelibya.blogspot.com. The website links to the live streams of the radio station and Libya Alhurra TV. It also contains summaries and quotes from some of the programmes in Arabic.

On Friday 15 April, a presenter called for action to end pro-Gaddafi broadcasts. “The TV and radio stations of the tyrant are still spitting venom, inciting hatred and sowing seeds of sedition. They twist facts to uphold Al-Gaddafi’s regime. We urge the international community and its organizations to help us strip Al-Gaddafi of the media weapon by suspending TV licences and shutting down his radio stations through cancelling subscriptions to and contracts with the satellites used by these channels.”

(Source: Voice of Free Libya website/R Netherlands Media Network Weblog)