Monday, April 25, 2011

Radio Fly would like to hear from shortwave listeners

Here is an email from the Radio Fly radio technician at Kiunga, Roseanne Kulupi Roseanne., who indeed would like to hear from other shortwave listeners:

“Easter Greetings to you all the way from PNG. I hope this email finds you well. Thank you for your email. It's great to know you are receiving our signal there in California. We've also received a couple of emails from listeners in Japan, Australia, New Zealand and a couple of other countries as well.

I apologise for 3915 kHz frequency being off air. The transmitter had been faulty for some time and just recently got repaired and is on its way back to site. We should have it back on air, hopefully in a week or two weeks time.

Thank you once again for your email and I look forward to more emails from you and other shortwave listeners of California. Have a safe day.
Kind Regards,

(Ron Howard, Monterey, CA/Cumbre DX)

Additional observations for Radio Fly
3915, Radio Fly, Kiunga. Status report is that the transmitter that has been silent for some time now. Transmitter site for both 3915 and 5960 is Kiunga, a port town on the Fly River, about 85 miles south of Tabubil. Per their radio technician, the 3915 transmitter has been repaired, but needs to be re-installed at Kiunga. Also the circuit breaker for the Aircon tripped and needs attention. She did try to reset it, but it only held for about 2-5 minutes before tripping again. She suggested it would be good to have both aircons working, before they re-install the second transmitter.(Howard,Apr 13)

5960, Radio Fly, Kiunga, 0915-1120, Apr 07, 08 and 09, news, sports recap of the just concluded rugby match between the New Zealand Warriors and the Sydney Roosters played in New Zealand, 0925 DJ in Tok Pisin with island pop songs; “Here now is Radio Fly’s Community …” with public service ann in Tok Pisin about such things as training programs, song by Foreigner “Feels Like The First Time”, "Tequila Sunrise" by the Eagles, DJ took calls after nearly every song. Signal peaked at 1120. (Herkimer in Dxplorer, Howard)
(DX Window 426)

My current Radio Fly broadcast schedule is listed as:
All times UTC
0600-0945 3915/5960 English
0000-1200 3915/5960 English/Pidgin
2000-2100 3915/5960 English/Pidgin
(Gayle Van Horn, Frequency Manager, Monitoring Times)