Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Voice of Russia heard on AM with near shortwave-quality

I just discovered while tuning around the AM dial here in the Washington area, although it seems to have been available since October 2010: Voice of Russia website, 1 Oct 2010: Voice of Russia in New York City on 1430 and in Washington DC on 1390 24/7. The Voice of Russia World Service has launched a 24/7 AM feed for our listeners in New York City and Washington DC. 24 hours a day we'll fill you in on the latest developments here in Russia and the world." -- The feed sounds like a rather compressed mp3 stream, resulting in less than comfortable listening. Fading and interference aside, the audio fidelity was better when Radio Moscow transmitted via shortwave across the Atlantic.

DCRTV.com, 2 Mar 2011: "Arlington's WZHF (1390 AM) has flipped to the English language Voice Of Russia's programming. The brokered Spanish music and talk has disappeared from the station, which is owned by Multicultural Broadcasting, which is airing VOR programming on some other stations it owns in other markets."
(Kim Elliott/Intl Broadcasting)