Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Blog Logs - Free Radio Weekly pirates

This weeks sample of pirate logs, represent a sample of those heard from February 17-23. Special thanks to the fine folks from Free Radio Weekly. To learn more about the bizarre world of pirate radio and FRN newsletter, please refer to: www.frn.net/
Best of DX your way!
Gayle VH
Brother Stair Parody Numbers
6925 usb 2/18/07 22:41: Repeat of coded groups of5 digits in Brother Stairs voice clips from 2/15/07 .(SIO 333, RD)

Captain Morgan
6924.7-.9/U, 1959-2010+, 18-Feb; Pop tune segments & couple of Twilight Zone themes.
Said will QSL via FRN posts. SIO= 353-, very drifty. (Frodge-MI)

Cupid Radio
15070.1 (Euro Pirate) Cupid Radio, 1410-1420 Feb 17, man with ID and frequency announcement in English followed by the same in French. Rock vocal selection followed. E-mail report to Rinus confirmed reception and requested postal report to Box 9, 8096 ZG, Oldebroek, Netherlands. Poor with very deep fades.(D'Angelo-PA)

James Bond Radio
6925 usb 2/21/07 21:13-22:37 ID at sign on, Bond Music. To Russia with Love, Man with the Golden Gun. off abruptly (SIO 333, RD)

6850, 2/18, 1832-1902* S9+20! Absolutely HUGE. Into music by The Pretenders, REM, Dire Straits. Johnny Guitarman with ID. Guess I should've looked in the driveway to see if an unknown car with an antenna was parked there. Off with "Yankee Doodle" into VOA Spanish service ID & then "Star Spangled Banner" (Yoder,PA)

WW- 6220AM- 23 Feb- 2305+ SIO 444, Sounds like Bon Jovi, Chicago, etc. (McClintock-OH)

3276U, 2/19, 0345-0410+ Steady S9+20. Sign on soon after MAC QRT. All dance music with odd, but pro-sounding announcements. Some in English & some in Spanish. Lotsa SFX: reverb, etc. Some crazy big signals tonight. Announced both hotmail & yahoo for e-mail QSLs. Many KOSMOS IDs, but some sounded like W-H-Y-Me (Yoder,PA)

Sunshine Radio
6925U *1812-1846* 2/18/07 SIO=242. Prgm of light rock mx w/a YL announcer, Said hello
to people on the FRN web site. Announced the same address as Grasscutter Radio, which
is grasscutterradio@yahoo.com for reports. (Zeller-OH)

6925U, 2/17, 1830-1843 Songs "Sex, Drugs & Rock'n'Roll" & "Monkey Boy," & "A Pirate's Life."
Lots of Jay audio clips. It's that season again. (Yoder,PA)

6925U 2041-2059* 2/19/07 SIO=242. Repeat of the same program from 1718 on a local Monday. A better signal this time, and I could confirm that the ID is WPER, and not some similar call letter combinations that I thought they might have been using during the first show. Copied prgm content much better this time. No address again. (Zeller-OH)

6925 usb 2/18/07 01:35-02:15 Here comes the sun, Bang a Gong, White Rabbit, computerized
voice ID, (SIO 434, RD)
(Source: Free Radio Weekly # 576 via Bill Finn)