Tuesday, February 27, 2007

BSKSA Saudi Arabia, resumes English service

Yesterday, in my blog post of the updated shortwave schedule of Broadcasting Service of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, you may have noticed a resumption of their English service.

As reported from Radio Netherland's, " In December 2005, the Saudi English language newspaper and website Arab News published an article about the English Service, in which the Head of the service, Hanan Awad, said that they wanted to to be on shortwave so they can be heard all over the world and they had been promised that this would be considered.
Samar Fatani, another member of the English team, said “We wish that the English section would receive more attention and be equal to the other sectors because it’s important to have our voice heard by expatriates here and abroad to combat the negative portrayals of Saudi Arabia, Islam and our culture.”

BSKSA operates in English on the following schedule.
0900-1000 15250, 15470
1000-1100 15250, 15470
1100-1200 15250, 15470
Correspondence for the English service, may be directed to:
Broadcasting Service of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Director of Frequency Management
P.O. Box 61718
Riyadh 11575 Saudi Arabia
web: http://www.saudiradio.net/
(Source: Gayle Van Horn TP NC/Monitoring Times SW Guide)