Monday, February 12, 2007

Blog Logs - Medium Wave

The following represent a sample of recent medium wave loggings from members of Michigan Area Radio Enthusiasts. Thanks very much, and best of DX your way! This weeks AM focus begings with Cuba's Radio Reloj.
Gayle VH

Medium Wave
All times UTC
870 Radio Reloj, Cuba; 2351, 8-Feb; Chasing the religious station under/WWL & Radio Reloj
1st popped up @2351. (Frodge-MI)
660 WBHR Sauk Rapids MN; 2317-2321+, 7-Feb; Sports; WBHR The Bear; ads for Liberty Tax, Black Bear Casino in Carlton. Copyable peaks u/WFAN. Last logged as WVAL. (Frodge-MI)
700 WLW Cincinnati OH; 2233-2245+, 7-Feb; Gary Burbank Show. Hoping to ID QRM; in USB got weak talker which signed off @5:45E w/ US Anthem; in LSB, got series of hi-lo tones--not code, and not //350. (Frodge-MI)
730 WLIL TN Lenoir City ID Baseball; 2/2 0000 (DT)
740 WNOP OH Cincinnati Sacred Heart Radio rlgn 2/4 1250 (DT)
1140 WJNZ MI Kentwood ID rap music 2/5 2202 (DT)
1190 WIXE NC Monroe ID C&W 2/6 0051 (DT)
1200 WKST PA New Castle ID news 2/6 1355 (DT)
1210 KOKK Huron SD, 2/4, 0530. C&W music & local ads with frequent mentions of Huron & Dakotas. Loud booming signal for a few minutes during WPHT absence. MW380; SD#2; 1210#4. (Miller)
1220 KLBB MN Stillwater ID Music of Your Life 2/6 1435 (DT)
1220 WHKW OH Cleveland ID The Word, rlgn 2/7 0000 (DT)
1420 KTOE MN Mankato ID adt cont. 2/7 2234 (DT)
1630 WRDW GA Augusta ID sports; 2/3 1225 (DT)
1660 KQWB ND West Fargo; weather, including mention of south east of Rochester & temps in the range of 7-9 degrees above (doesn't really sound that cold for North Dakota!) as well as histo ric highs & lows, 51 & -24 respectively! ID @2230 as Talk- Radio 1660; CST TCs & mention of the pgm title Garage Logic with host Joe which is what is listed for KQWB at this time, so this is a pretty positive ID even tho not perfect. 2229-2235 in/out of the mud. 6/Feb--Zichi MI
1660 WFNA NC Charlotte; WFNA Sports-Radio 610/1660 ID @2255 then into ad block until 2300 which led into legal ID. Not terrible, but in/out of the muck & music station underneath them that never did fade up enough for an ID. Lots of local ads, including for Amerifactors, a tire store, Lufthansa airlines, two-network phones from Nextel/Sprint & the like. 2255-2300, 7/Feb--Zichi MI
(MARE Tip Sheet # 438)