Monday, February 12, 2007

Changes coming for Denmark on medium wave Feb 14

Of interest to our European blog readers, are changes to Denmark's medium wave scene. The following was posted recently via World Wide DX Club.
Gayle VH

Stig Hartvig Nielsen writes: On 14 February 2007 at 2330 UTC the 300 kW transmitter in Kalundborg operating on 243 kHz will be switched off for the last time. And starting 15 February there will be a strong reduction of airtime on the 250 kW transmitter in Kalundborg operating on 1062 kHz.

This is the new schedule in UTC: 0445-0507, 0730-0807, 1045-1130, 1645-1716, 2145-2205. I believe that the transmitter will be switched on some 5 minutes prior to these s/on times and may also stay on the air a couple of minutes after official s/off times.

The programs to be carried are:
0445-0451: Weather forecast
0451-0500: // DR P4
0500-0507: News (// DR P4)
0730-0740: Gymnastics
0740-0745: Interval signal
0745-0800: Weather forecast
0800-0807: News (// DR P4)
1045-1100: Weather forecast
1100-1130: News (// DR P1 and DR P4)
1645-1700: Weather forecast
1700-1716: Navigational warnings
2145-2200: Weather forecast
2200-2205: News (// DR P4)

The news in Danish from KNR, Greenland, currently heard Mo-Fr 1755-1800 UTC will be discontinued on 1062 and will only be available on DR P1 (on FM and the Internet). The reason for the closure of 243 kHz and the reduced schedule on 1062 kHz is the fact that hardly anyone in Denmark listen to LW and MW - and due to the high cost of running the transmitters.
Additional information (in Danish) and photograph of the transmitter here
(MWC Jan 19)

DRM TRANSMITTER SITES The DRM UK website has short features and photographs of the following DRM transmitter sites: Crystal Palace, Rampisham, Woofferton, Beidweiler, Ismaning, Junglinster, Marnach, Moosbrunn, Santa Maria de Galeria, Sines, Taldom.
(Mike Barraclough-UK, direct Jan 23)
(Source: WWDXC -Top News BCDX # 792 via Wolfgang Bueschel)