Thursday, February 15, 2007

4th Antarctic Activity Week slated for Feb 19-25

TM8, FRANCE (AAW Station). Operators Monique/F5MLE, John/F5VHQ and Jean
Pierre/F5XL will participate in the "4th Antarctic Activity Week" (AAW),
February 19-25th, 2007, as TM8WAP.

This special requested call sign issued by French Authorities will be good from February 13-27th, 2007. The special (double folded) QSL will be available via F5XL, direct or by the bureau. The TM8WAP callsign will qualify for the WAP-ASEA and WAP-WACA Awards as WAP-80. (Source: Ohio/Penn DX Bulletin # 788)

4TH AAW. Dates have been announced for the next and 4th Antarctic Activity Week (AAW). Gianni, I1HYW, informs OPDX that Worldwide Antarctic Program's (WAP) Antarctic Activity Week 2007 will be held February 19-25th. If you go to the WAP's Web site, you will find a new banner with the name "Antarctic Activity Week". By clicking on it, you will be moved to the AW call signs history list from the first AAW (2004) through the 4th event of 2007.
Several stations have already announced/booked for next year’s event, and you can see their call signs listed in the 2007 session. AAW is an unique world-wide event where Hams are "celebrating and working to improve Worldwide interest around the Antarctic Continent and its related matters, to understand and share what the Nations and Organizations are doing to study and protect this still non contaminated corner of the world and share from there, a message of peace." Apply for your ANT special callsign, and let them know about it in order to issue your WAP reference and be ready on time to join them. For Award collectors, the WAP-ASEA (Antarctic Special Event Award), managed by ARI Cassino, is sponsoring this particular event:
WAP states, "Antarctica is much more than an amusement, Antarctica is passion and culture!" Visit their Web page at:
(Source: Ohio/Penn DX Bulletin # 772)