Monday, February 12, 2007

Blog Logs

The following represent a sample of recent shortwave loggings from members of Michigan Area Radio Enthusiasts, and the World Wide DX Club. Thanks to both groups for their many dedicated DXers. This week's SW focus begins with China Radio International.

7110 China Radio Int'l; 0008 in Russian. Via Hohhot, Inner Mongolia. Weak. (LC 7 Feb)

9795 CRI via Urumqi/Xinjiang, at 1402 on Feb 4. English serviceto EU. Nx by OM. Very weak signal for listed 500 kW, but in the clear.(Jerry Strawman-IA-USA, DXplorer Feb 4)3900 Hulun Buir PBS (pres), Feb 5 2228 quiet version of "My Way", 2229short tent. ID in Chinese, 2230 Peking-ID into Peking-news, I guess. Fair.4940 V.O.the Strait, Feb 5 2250, seemingly news in (Amoy?). Still 2310,when heard in // with stronger 5050 kHz. (VOStrait not noted on listed4900 at all).5039.9 Fujian PBS (listed), Feb 5 2302-2320. YL Chi news. Vanished /disappeared ard 2320 when a stn was noticed on 5040, cf UNID below.(Finn Krone-DEN, wwdxc BC-DX Feb 5)
(WWDXC Top News (BC-DX #794 via Wolfgang Bueschel)

11620 All India Radio; 2101-2112+, 1-Feb; News to ID @2105, then cmtry on World Econ Forum; 2110 pgm notes, then lite music. All cmtry in EE. SIO=353; only listed // found was 11715, SIO=122- (Frodge-MI)

9600v Radio UNAM (p); 2335. Spanish. Very weak. Faint jammer in background, tho' I don't know who would be jammed. (Cameron, 7 Feb)

Radio Romania Int'l, 6115 at 2315 w/end of news. Positive ID, not Tirana or Albania. S5 but still weak. (Liz Cameron, 7 Feb)

7170 Radio Singapore/Mediacorp; 0028-0058 in Tamil. Fair, better than CRI above. Weak by 0043, plus ham qrm. (p) (LC 7 Feb

7465 WWCR Nashville TN; Pat Boone @2136. Listed 2100-2130. The WWCR skeds are never easy to read & always change. Spanish programming the same from 2200-2300. (Liz Cameron, 7 Feb)

PUNXUTAWNEY POTHEAD RADIO 6925/U, *2136:56-2136:45*, *2137:44-2200+,
1-Feb; On w/Cat Scratch Fever; ID & PO Box 1 Belfast drop then more pothead music. SIO=353+ Last heard 1-Feb-06! I note that voice was mainly uncopyable then too. (Frodge-MI)
WPMR, WASABI PEA MAN RADIO: 6925.5/AM, *2130:36-2232*, 2-Feb; On w/head banger tune & repeated IDs. M&W talking about eating beans, making methane & ethanol; Wasabe Pea Man, the most environmentally friendly super hero; more head-banger music & many IDs. Some IDs sounded like Doggy, Froggy & Soggy He Man. SIO=353- till about 2148
when sig got very fady, then improved again about 2200 to 3+53+. Didn't go off, but went right into Tire Pressure Radio. (Please QSL Frodge-MI)
(MARE Tip Sheet # 438)