Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Blog Log - Family Radio via Taiwan

TAIWAN 11895 Family Radio/WYFR in Korean via Taiwan, 100 kW 2 degr?? - In past weeks I discovered an unidentified religious program, and heard it every day around 0800 til cl-down 0858 UT [before TRT co-channel sign-on here]. Is a very tiny signal at my place, noted on Eton/Lextronix E1 Radio, Kenwood R1000 - latter the best signal here, and AOR 7030 sets.

Just above threshold, but couldn't recognize the language yet. Yesterday and today visited DXtuner, and joined some Swedish and Belgium receiving posts, but noted only scratching noise. Then tuned in to the Phuket Thailand Icom R75 receiver and heard the same program some few dB stronger like S=1-2 level.

But still far of a strong signal. Could hear the trumpet fanfare at the end of the broadcast and few addresses given, one in California, USA, also numbers like '2682' could be noted. Took a MP3 recording using Total Recorder professional version via soundcard. (wb, wwdxc BC-DX Feb 9 / 10)

The station opened at 0800 UT with trumpet fanfare. The following program was in Korean. Not too bad signal strength, but low modulation level. No ID heard. Fluttery signal. (later) The weak and fluttery signal makes me think 11895 is a relay via Taiwan. That would also explain why there is no TOH ID. Relays from places further to the east usually are heard much better.
The clue to identifying Korean is by the "honorific" verb ending -nida, which in broadcast practice is used at the end of all paragraphs of text, except in questions, where it is -nika. The most usual complete form is - isseumnida. (Olle Alm-SWE, Feb 10)

Mauno Identified that station, like 'At 14 seconds you have ID for Family Radio. Via Taiwan 0800-0900 UT.' Thanks to Mauno and Olle too. Still not mentioned on WYFR website, issued Feb 10th:
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX Feb 10)
(Source: WWDXC Top News (BC-DX # 794 via Wolfgang Bueschel)
Additional information on Family Radio as:
USA(non) ARMENIA/RUSSIA/TAJIKISTAN Test broadcasts of WYFR Family Radio to SoAs:1300-1400 on 5865 DB 100 kW / 135 deg in English, deleted1400-1700 on 5865 DB 100 kW / 135 deg in Hindi1400-1500 on 5880 ERV 100 kW / 125 deg in Telugu, 5885 on Feb. 3!!!1400-1600 on 5920*TCH 250 kW / 240 deg in English and del RFI En 1400-14571400-1500 on 7475 DB 100 kW / 175 deg in Tamil1500-1600 on 9460 ARM 300 kW / 110 deg in Marathi* totally blocked by BBC in Russian from 1500 Mon-Fri
(Source: DX Mix News # 455 via Wolfgang Bueschel)