Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Malaysian monitoring on shortwave

5965, Klasik Nasional FM (RTM), Kajang, 1601-1703, Feb 09 and 10, Anthem, Vernacular news (not // to 6050), reciting from the Qu’ran, Islamic news, singing "Nasional" jingles and also ID for "RTM Kuala Lumpur", advs (some of the same ones I have heard in the past on Asyik FM [RTM] on 6050), fair. (Howard, CA)
6050, Suara Islam/Voice of Islam (RTM), 1601-1700*, Feb 09 and 10, Vernacular news, reciting from the Qu’ran, songs and Islamic music/Middle East type music, IDs "Radio Suara Islam FM", choral anthem at sign-off, reception was amazingly good. (Howard, CA)
7270, Wai FM, Sarawak (p), 1050-1145, Jan 20 and Feb 12, Vernacular ann, local songs, 23432, QRM from AIR Chennai. (Bolland, FL; Slaen, ARG)
7295, Traxx FM (RTM), Kajang, 1530-1633, Feb 09 and 10, DJ in English with pop songs, several promo’s for the Ghost Rider Convey this Sunday, riding thru Kuala Lumpur and Petaling Jaya, "sponsored by Traxx FM", played segment of "Born To Be Wild", sports news from the "News Center in Kuala Lumpur", fair. (Howard, CA).
(Source: DX Window # 318 2/23/07)