Monday, February 19, 2007

Blog Logs

Shortwave blogs are from Scott Barbour's recent DXpedition and those posted from the Michigan Area Radio Enthusiasts DXers. Thanks to all and best of DX your way!
Gayle VH

BOLIVIA 4876, R.La Cruz de Sur, 2236-2249, Feb 5, Spanish. OM w/ music and talk. Presumed ID at 2238 but too much audio effects to tell for sure. Poor/weak. (Barbour-BLDX/NH)

BURKINA FASO 5030, R.Burkina, 2130-2142, Feb 5, French. OM w/ talk over drums, news with mentions of several African countries. Fair. (Barbour-BLDX/NH)

CHAD 6165, RNT, 2110-2122, Feb 5, French. Hi-life music and talks; sounds like via a "live" event. Fair under co-channel Croatia. (Barbour-BLDX/NH)

CLANDESTINE- ALGERIA/W SAHARA 6300,RASD, 2143-2158, Feb 5, Arabic. OM and YL with talks and musical bits. Nice ID at 2155. Booming signal. (Barbour-BLDX/NH)

GERMANY 6005, DeutschlandRadio-Kultur, 2128-2145, Feb 12, German. Piano recital at t/in followed by pips and solid ID at BoH. Newscast with various reports from abroad and locally. Fair listening in LSB to separate from co-channel BBC-Seychelles. (Barbour-BLDX/NH)

ISRAEL: 6972.4 Galei Zahal (p); 2314-2320+, 12-Feb; M in LL w/EE pop tunes & taking phone calls. SIO=3+42+ (Frodge-MI)

LITHUANIA: 6255 KBC Radio (Nederland pirate); 2201-2209+, 10-Feb; Classic rock--Jerry Lee Lewis, Stones, Big Bopper, etc.; M in EE w/ID promos, KBC gives you more for less; The Mighty KBC; 1000 watts of music power. SIO=2+22+, best in USB; covered by ute clatter @2208. Another music & ID station. (Frodge-MI)

MALI 4835, RTV Malienne, 2310-2323, Feb 12, Vernacular. Rather nice indigenous music of stringed and wind instruments accompanied by a children's chorus. Brief YL announcer over music, on occasion. Weak but clear. (Barbour-BLDX/NH)

NORTHERN CYPRUS: Highly tentative Radio Bayrak 6149.95 at 2230. No way I could ID it. Tantalizing. (LC 13 Feb)

PIRATES - Kracker Radio: 6925/6926.7/U, 2133-2147+, 10-Feb; Serene tunes & IDs. Suddenly jumped from 6925.0 to 6926.7 @2134; got drifty again @2144 up to 6926.8. SIO=353/454 (Frodge-MI)
Mystery Radio 6220/AM, 2209-2217+, 10-Feb; Brit?-accented M in EE w/lotsa chatter & ID spots to 2115 then head-banger music. Never hrd this much talk on MR before. Only copyable in SSB's. Seemed to peak about 6220.04. (Frodge-MI)
Mystery Radio, 2209-2220, Feb 12, English. Dance/techno music w/ ID at 2219. Booming signal. (Barbour-BLDX/
TAJIKISTAN 4635, presumed Tajik Radio, 2228-2243, Feb 12, Vernacular. Familiar format of wailing vocals b/w lengthy talks by OM and YL. Poor. (Barbour-BLDX/NH)

TIBET 5240, Xizang PBS-Lhasa, 2150-2205, Feb 12, Vernacular. Vocal and instrumental ballads. Fair at best. // 4905 and 4920-poor. (Barbour-BLDX/NH)

UGANDA 4976, R.Uganda, 2058-2114, Feb 12, Vernacular. OM w/ music and Hi-life music. Solid ID at 2112. Poor but improving, battling for dominance with CODAR. // 5026-weak but occasionally poking through 5025-Rebelde splatter. (Barbour-BLDX/NH)

UNITED KONGDOM 6090 NHK/R.Japan relay, 2115-2126, Feb 12, English, Hoping to find R.Nigeria-Kaduna but found R.Japan instead with Pacific Rim/SE Asian news items from various regional media outlets. Poor but improving. (Barbour-BLDX/NH)
(Source: MARE Tip Sheet # 439, Scott Barbour, NH)