Wednesday, February 14, 2007

CNBC Africa to launch June 1

The chief executive of South Africa-based CNBC Africa, Trevor Ormerod, says the launch of his television network could forcefully project Africa in far greater depth. Speaking at Africa’s International Media Summit in Nairobi, he said, “CNBC Africa begins broadcasting the 1st of June from South Africa. We will be putting bureaus into Lagos, Abuja and Nairobi. And at a later stage, we will be expanding into DRC [Democratic Republic of Congo], Tanzania, and to other major African countries.”
“And what we will be doing is, we will have bureau chiefs in these countries, passing positive business news back to us, and we can in turn, package and broadcast to the rest of the world from South Africa,” he added.
(Source: Filmmaker South Africa/R Netherlands Media Network Weblog)