Sunday, February 11, 2007

Cuba detains two "illegal" satellite dish manufacters

Cuba has reiterated its criticism of US sponsored TV and radio programmes broadcast to the island, which it describes as “subversion”. According to Cuban calculations, about 2,306 radio and TV hours are broadcast every week through 30 different frequencies from Washington or what Havana describes as “terrorist organizations” working in the US.

Granma says the most recent maneuver was the illegal renting of Direct TV and Dish satellites. As a result, Granma has revealed the detention of two illegal manufacturers of satellite equipment, whose materials were confiscated and a penal process imposed for engaging in “illicit economic activities.”

Cuba has repeated its allegation that the TV-radio-electronic war violates many international and telecommunication accords, and even US government legislation. The news agency Prensa Latina says Cuba is expected to adopt a group of measures against those “misinformation campaigns”.
(Source: Prensa Latina/R Netherlands Media Network Weblog)