Monday, February 19, 2007

Blog Logs - Medium Wave

Today's medium wave logs, are a sample of those via DXers from Michigan Area Radio Enthusiasts and AMexpert Mike Hardester.
Thanks to all and best of DX!
Gayle VH

750 CKJH SK Mehort ID Northern Lights Lottery results, Oldies CK-750
2/11 1230 (DT)

750 WSB Atlanta GA 4:15 am 2/1 Doing weather special call-in for
freezing-rain/sleet/snow. Woman caller had a car crash live on-air.
She hit a rock by someone's driveway. (Russell)

810 WGY NY Schenectady ID weather talk 2/15 0235 (DT)
---810 WGY NY Schenectady ID as "Newstalk 810 WGY: at 0035 and into
"Savage Nation" Good 14/Feb 0035-0040 --Zichi MI

820 CHAM ON Hamilton ID C&W 2/15 0246 (DT)
820 WBAP TX Fort Worth Hockey Dallas Stars vs Detroit 2/15 0240 (DT)
910 WSRP NC Jacksonville - 2/13 and 2/14 - noted silent 2/13 at
1310, and noted silent all day today, 2/14. Normal programming is
Spanish language. No idea if it was silent earlier in the week, but this
is motivation to do some DXing this PM. The last time 910 kHz was silent
(during Gulf War 1), a nice log of Maine was made. (M.Hardester, NC via M.T.)
1080 WWNL Pittsburgh PA; 2124-2132+, 10-Feb; Rlgs pgm; Call ID spot
@2120 plus Hamilton Thunderbirds promo, then more rlgn. QRM from
ethnic, WNWI(p). Good. No sign of WOAP despite recent NRC log. (HF)

1150 CKOC Hamilton ON ID,, Wolfman Jack show. 6:24 pm
1/20 (Russell)

1250 KBRE MN Fergus Falls ID talk lots of Fergus Falls mentions 2/13
1610 (DT)
1290 WNBF Binghamton NY; 2304-2336+, 14-Feb; News-Radio 12-90 WNBF;
Michael Savage; Citadel B'casting job spots. Taking turns on top w/
News-Talk Radio WHIO, 12-90 AM & 95.7 FM, Dayton-Springfield. Toward
BoH, Classic Country 12-90 WIRL challenged equally. (Frodge-MI)

1340 WBBL Grand Rapids MI; 2038-2104+, 13-Feb; Sports (listed as ESPN,
but sounds like a local pgm w/lotsa MI mentions); GR area furnace
dealer ad @2051. Poor w/occasional copyable peaks u/The Hottest Country
Hits, AM 13-40 WLEW. MI #121 (Frodge-MI)

1430 WPLN TN Madison (p) NPR news 2/11 2324 (DT)

1470 WKLZ MI Kalamazoo -- under Flint, barely audible, but they
turned on the stereo pilot repeatedly! Go figure .... I don't THINK
Flint is in stereo, and I couldn't get it to come on easily, so it
makes me 99% sure it was WKLZ in stereo not WFNT....

1660 KXDR KS Kansas City "1660 Classical Radio KXDR" ID and into
classical Mx at ToH. Just popped up briefly, but in nicely for those
few minutes including the legal ID! 0000-0005 14/Feb --Zichi MI

1690 WMLB Avondale Estates GA (p); 0014-0030+, 15-Feb; Very wide
variety of tunes; oldies, standards, C&W; 0027 AM 16-90 Arts Guide.
Suddenly started challenging WVON/WPTX @0014 w/occasional peaks on
top afterward. (Frodge-MI)

1690 Brighton MI, Ameritrust talking house; 2:04 PM, 11-Feb; strongest
on east side of US-23. (Frodge-MI)

1700 KKLF(presumed), Richardson TX, 2250-2301, 9-Feb. OM talking about
the state legislature and governor. Also heard KBGG (presumed) with YL
in Spanish (but definitely SS by a native English speaking woman)
(Source: MARE Tip Sheet # 439, Mike Hardester, NC)