Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Pirate radio logs from Free Radio Weekly

This week's selections of recent loggings, comes via the pirate-chasers at Free Radio Weekly. Thanks to the gang!
Gayle VH

Ann Hoffer
6925u 2/14 21:13 Live music. Sounds a little off-key to me. Talking about the "blow-snower" and getting rid of the snow. She's going to torture us with another song: "Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow". Good to finally hear her again. A few lines from "The Weight". (233 Fansome)

Brother Stair Parody Numbers
6925U 2/18 22:41: Repeat of coded groups of 5 digits in Brother Stairs voice clips from 2/15/07 . (SIO 333, RD)

Cracker Radio
6925/6926.7/U, 2/10 2133-2147+, Serene tunes & IDs. Suddenly jumped from 6925.0 to 6926.7 @2134; got drifty again @2144 up to 6926.8. (353/454 Frodge-MI)

Lonely Computer Radio
6925u 2/14 2244 Computer music. Jeff the Computer at the helm. New Age instrumental music. (222 Fansome)

Mystic Radio
6925usb 2/12 00:15- "come to me CosmicDebris" in computerized voice(222 RD)

Random Radio
6925usb 2/11 00:18- Valentine's Day program. Pistol Pack'n Moma, cry me a river (SIO 432, RD)

6925u 2/14 1910 Music introduction, then the Commander. His voice sounds different, somehow. "Witchdoctor" at 19:15. "Quiet, numbskulls, I'm broadcasting!". Pretty noisy. (222 Fansome)

6925usb,2/11, 0108 good signal with some fades, Twentieth Century Radio, pop/rock music including Instant Karma, Cripple Creek, Rockin' Robin, plus music by Santana and Nirvana, rtty at 0157utc. (154 Hassig-IL)
(Source: Greg Majewski/Free Radio Weekly # 575)