Thursday, February 26, 2009

Afghanistan - The Remains of Radio Sohl

Thanks to our contributor Al Muick, for the update on Radio Sohl
Gayle VH

Over the past week I have been talking to various intel people and spooks who are here on base. I have been directed to this area of Kandahar where there is a fixed frequency dipole, roughly about ½ wave at 6700 kHz along with its ATU (antenna tuning unit).

The picture does not show the antenna very well, but it is still there and in good condition. One of the photos shows the sealed container where the transmitter lies and the transmission cable is buried underground. In the foreground of this picture is a communications satellite and I do not yet know if this is part of the Radio Solh operation.

I am trying to find someone who may have keys or know who has the keys to the container so I can get a good shot of the transmitter. I will take better pictures of the antenna and ATU in the coming days for your publication use. Please bear with me as I have to work this in between setting up the internet service on base here. I’m working 14 hour days and am quite exhausted at the end of it.

I have been told that the studios, etc., have already been dismantled and removed.

Best 73,
Al Muick
Kandahar Air Base, Afghanistan