Thursday, February 19, 2009

Blog Logs - India

Shortwave reception from India

All times UTC // parallel frequency *sing-on sign-off*

4760, Radio Kashmir, Leh, 0235-0250. Signal fade out, Feb 11. Vernacular talk, 0245 English news from New Delhi heard // 4860, 4880 and 4895, SINPO 25222. (Petersen)

4760, All India Radio-Port Blair, 1651-1653, Feb 12. Vernacular talk, SINPO 22332. (Mille)

4775.00, All India Radio-Imphal, 0035-0040, Feb 09. English news from New Delhi, SINPO 34333. (Petersen)

4800, All India Radio-Hyderabad, 1736-1738, Feb 07. Vernacular // 4810, SINPO 23332. (Mille)

4810, All India Radio-Bhopal, 1738-1742, Feb 07, Vernacular // 4800, SINPO 23332. (Mille)

4835.00, All India Radio-Gangtok, *0100-0145 fade out. Feb 05, Nepali, opening procedure, traditional Nepali songs and music, interview, SINPO 25232. (Petersen)

4840, All India Radio-Mumbai (p), 0208-0225, Feb 10, music and comments by individuals. Signal faded up and down between poor and poorer. (Bolland)

4880, All India Radio-Lucknow, *0023-0100, Feb 05. Opening procedure, 0030 news in Hindi from New Delhi // 4840, 5010 and 5040, 0035 local program of talks and advertisements to songs on sitar and flute, SINPO 35333. (Petersen). Also heard at 1724-1728, Feb 12, local song, 23332. (Mille)

4900, All India Radio-Guwahati, -1700*, Feb 08. Heard here instead of scheduled 4940. Also noted *0000, Feb 09. They must have switched off transmitter at night and just put on again in the morning without any checking of the frequency. But Feb 09 evening was noted back on the original frequency of 4940. However, again noted on 4900 just now at 1330, Feb 10. (Jacob)
Still heard on 4900 and not on 4940, *0000-0020, Feb 11, AIR interval signal, followed by a greeting and the usual hymn. Then an announcement probably in Nepali and local songs. SINPO 44444 with only slight QRM from Mongolia on 4895 and Tibet on 4905. (Petersen) .

4920, All India Radio-Chennai, 0125-0140, Feb 08. Another one of those really weak stations where I cannot make out the language. Can hear a female and a male conversing back and forth while background music is also heard. Signal was poorest. (Bolland). Heard strong 1710, Feb 11, when Tibet seemed off air. (Koie). Chennai mostly broadcast in Tamil. (Ed)

6085, All India Radio-Gangtok (10 kW), sign on just before 0500 till around 0930, Feb 16, covering the budget programs in Parliament. This frequency is used only on rare occasions. (Jacob)

AIR has launched first Digital Radio Transmission from Delhi in SW band by using DRM Technology on Jan 16 for the following services:
9950 GOS-IV 1745-1945 UK and WEST EUROPE
9950 HINDI 1945-2045 UK and WEST EUROPE
9950 GOS-V 2045-2230 UK and WEST EUROPE
6100 VIVIDH BHARATI SERVICE 1430-1730 800 Km. radius (Approx.) (AIR Website via Gupta)
(DX Window #371)

All India Radio 9425 1952 Hindi 333 Jan 26 YL wsith music vocals. (MacKenzie,CA)

All India Radio- Chennai (tentative). 0125-0140 Another one of those really weak stations where I can't make out the language. Can hear a female and a male conversing back and forth while background music is also heard. The language is not English or Spanish, so the only other guess would be Hindu at least that's what EIBI says - haven't received my WRTH yet - so I am staying with a tentative AIR on this. Signal was poorest. (Chuck Bolland, February 8,