Monday, February 23, 2009

DRM special broadcast Feb 23-25

There will be special DRM transmissions from TDF / Issoudun to India.
Date 23rd to 25 Feb 2009. Code DRM Power 150 kW,
Frequency 21620 kHz, Azimuth 80 degr, Antenna Alliss 4/4
Time 0830-1300 UTC
DRM Parameters Mode B, BW 10 kHz, MSC 16 QAM, CR 0.62.
Audio bit-rate ~ 14 kbits/sec, Audio Encoding AAC, no SBR,
Depending on reception results, these parameters could be adjusted.
TDF would be pleased to receive DRM reports from India and other parts of
the world.

Will be broadcasting in Hindi towards India for the duration of the BES Expo 2009 in Delhi. Dates 23-25 Feb 2009
Time 0830-1200 UT. Frequency 17590 kHz via Juelich Germany.
Any reception reports and comments would be welcome.
(DRM Software Radio Forum via Alokesh Gupta-IND, DXindia Feb 21)
(BC-DX #900 via wb, Germany)