Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Madagascar's RNM looted and burned

The headquarters of the Malagasy National Radio (RNM) in Antananarivo was looted and burned Jan 26 by supporters of the mayor of the capital, Andri Rajoelina, called by the opposition, found an AFP journalist. Several thousand supporters of the mayor of Antananarivo which in recent days has been presented as a leading opponent of President Marc Ravalomanana arrived on Jan 26 from the May 13 Square near the palace of justice in the capital, where they had been summoned on mayor.

Several hundred attacked the headquarters of the national radio, taking computers, furniture and files, and set fire to the building, which was then wrapped in a cloud of smoke, AFP noted. (Romero, Jan 26)

France has promised to rehabilitate Madagascar's national radio and television buildings which were badly damaged during the mass protest on Jan 26, Madagascan President Marc Ravalomanana announced here on Jan 28. During his inspection of the damaged buildings, which were looted and set on fire by protesters, Ravalomanana told the media that he would make
his best efforts to restore security in the capital city and the whole island country... Accompanied by Prime Minister Charles Rabemananjara, National Assembly President Jacques Sylla and senior government officials, Ravalomanana said the buildings would be rehabilitated as soon as possible...(http://news.xinhuanet.com/english/2009-01/28/content_10730594.htm from Antananarivo, via Liangas)

5009.94, Radio Nasionaly Malagasy, Ambohidrano, 1810-1903*, Jan 29, Malagasy talks and soft, local songs. Sing-off in the midst of a song. Thus the transmitter is still on the air, despite that the headquarter's has been burned! 35433. (Petersen/DX Window #370)

5009.94, Radio Nationaly Malagasy, Ambohidrano, 2005-0115, Jan 20, Malagasy ann all night program, radioplay, later continuous rhythmic music and African songs. Heterodyne from carrier of All India Radio-Thiruvananthapuram from *0013, SINPO 35333 - 35232.(Petersen). Also heard 1740-1804, Jan 21, songs, very good, SINPO 44444 until 1803, then CW interference. (Mille/DX Window #370)

Madagascar, 5009.9, Radio Nasionaly Malagasy, (presumed). 0232-0310 Sat on this for the rest of the hour waiting for some kind of ID or even a snippet of talk to ID the language, but to no avail. I just heard music during the period. No break on the hour, just steady music until after 0300. Signal was fair however. (Chuck Bolland, February 10, 2009)