Monday, February 23, 2009

Blog Logs - Indonesia

All times UTC // parallel frequency *sign-on sign-off*

2960, RPDT2, Manggarai (tentative), 1205, Feb 05, program in Bahasa Indonesian, O=2 very bad modulation. (Volk/DX Window 371)

4790.04 RRI Fak Fak 1450-1455* Feb 7. Vocal music, then LoveAmbon at 1453 with male voice-over and closedown announcement. Transmission closedown at 1455, although carrier stayed on past 1500. (Wilkins-CO)

4789.96 RRI Fak Fak, 1428-1453* In Bahasa Indonesian with easy-listening pop Indonesian songs, nice kroncong music before sign-off. Clear signal for ID as "R.R.I. Fak Fak." Light to moderate CODAR QRM. 2/19 & 20/09 returned to their usual 4790.03 (Howard-CA/NASWA Flashsheet # 370)

4790.04 RRI Fak Fak, 1338, 2/22/09. Fast-paced Indo talk between male/female announcer. Heavy CODAR sweep. Without CODAR, fair to good (Strawman-IA/NASWA Flashsheet # 370).

4925, RRI Jambi, 1250, Feb 05, Bahasa Indonesia, O=3. (Volk/DX Window # 371)

4925, RRI Jambi (presumed), 1426-1526, Jan 27. This rarely gets above threshold level, but today was almost fair. In Bahasa Indonesia with numerous on-air phone calls, many "Hello, hello"; played some pop Indonesian songs. Had the best reception around my local sunrise at 1514. (Howard/DX Window # 370)

3995, RRI Kendari, 1240, Feb 05, Bahasa Indonesia, O=3. (Volk/DX Window # 371)

3995.05, RRI Kendari, 1418-1436, Jan 22, songs, chatty announcer with long yaks between selections. Fair signal. (Wilkins in DXplorer/DX Window # 370).

3325 RRI Palangkaraya 1358-1438 Feb 7. Calliope interval signal to 1400 Indo talk, possbily regional news to 1422. Lite vocal music to1438 tuneout. Fair signal but tough copy through my local noise. (Wilkins-CO)
3325, RRI Palangkaraya, 1403-1421, Jan 26, Bahasa Indonesia local news and many IDs for "Radio Republik Indonesia Palangkaraya". Played pop songs, with fair reception. Radio Bougainville was here with a better signal than RRI at 1306-1311*, Jan 25. (Howard/DX Window # 370)

3976.06, RRI Pontianak, 1319-1336, Jan 22, Indonesian vocal music, announcement and talk, fair, amateur radio interference. (Wilkins in DXplorer/DX Window # 370)

9525.90, 1302-1330+ Voice of Indonesia, Feb 20,tune-in to opening English ID announcements. English news at1304. Signal poor to fair. Stronger than usual. (Brian Alexander, PA)

11785.86, Voice of Indonesia, Cimanggis, 1805, Jan 21, Spanish announcement to IDs and schedules. SINPO 45444. (Wiespointner/DX Window # 370)