Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Blog Logs

All times UTC // parallel frequency *sign-on sign-off*

6134.80, Radio Santa Cruz, 0935-1101. Monitored this off and on during the period specified. Observed plenty of Spanish language comments between a male and female with canned ID's here and there. "...Radio Santa Cruz..." Signal varied between a poor and fair quality. (Chuck Bolland, FL February 17, 2009)

6155.21, Radio Fides, 0950-1058, Stayed on this freq during the period for a considerable time. Noted a male and female in Spanish Language comments. Didn't catch a good ID, but heard time checks and many mentions of "Santa Cruz" during the comments. Signal was fair to poor. (Chuck Bolland, FL February 17, 2009)

4699.4, Radio San Miguel Riberalta, 0304-0316, Feb 14, Spanish. Balllads with announcer between selections. Poor signal. (Scott Barbour, NH)

4755, Radio Imaculado Conciecao Campo Grande, 0040-0101, Feb 13, Portuguese. Male announcer with religious text. Announcer at 0045 with Santa Maria's. Piano bit at 0057, followed by more talk. Choral music at 0100 with announcers talk over during poor signal. (Scott Barbour, NH)

11815 Radio Brasil Central (Goiania). 0555-0603. 05 Feb 09. Portuguese religious text with frequency announcements and several station IDs as “Radio Brasil Central-Goiania.” Good. // and accordant with 4985. Poor. (Joe Wood, TN).

4905, RNT N'djamena, 0430, Feb 13. French. National anthem at tune-in. Announcements in French, followed by Afro pops. Recheck at 0506 noted with announcers local time check. (6 o'clock) and tentative mention of "FM Nationale". Signal abruptly gone at 0509; stayed on frequency for a few minutes more but signal never returned; fair. (Scott Barbour, NH)

5030, China National Radio 1, 1025-1035. Usual Chinese comments from male/female announcers. The AOKI database says this is being transmitted via Beijing number 572. Checked the list for a parallel and found it on 6175 KHz using with the same site and number, Beijing 572. Both signals were fair. (Chuck Bolland, FL February 15, 2009)

5910, Shiokaze/Sea Breeze via Yamata; *1400-1430*, Feb 6 (Fri.); ex 5985. Heard on the first day of this new frequency, actually their former frequency. Should be much better reception than 5985, at least until the jamming starts again. In English with "Today's News Flash" and "Today's News on North Korean Issues" and long commentary about Obama; ID "JSR. This is Shiokaze Sea Breeze, the shortwave radio program from Tokyo, Japan." Mostly fair reception. After Shiokaze signed-off, heard Iran signing on in assume scheduled Bengali. Anthem and reciting from Qur'an; weak (Ron Howard, CA)

9704.20, Radio Ethiopia. (tentative). 1135-1205, Female hosting program with phone-in calls. Music bridges between calls. Signal poor. (Chuck Bolland, FL February 17, 2009)

7110 Radio Ethiopia (Gedja). 0458-0510. 17 Feb 09. Amharic. Signal strength blowing out the speakers tonight with a program of very fast tempo Horn of Afirca style music that bordered on Afro pop. ID at T0500 and newscast. Signal quality hampered by QRN. Fair. (Joe Wood, TN).

6110 Radio Fana (Addis Ababa), 0454-0458, 2/11/2009, Oromo. Horn of Africa music. Moderate signal under very strong BBC (Rampisham) signal with Arabic programming. No parallels heard. SINPO 32332. (Jim Evans, TN)

7110 Radio Ethiopia (Gedja Jewe), 0435-0455, 2/11/2009, Amharic. Horn of Africa music followed by talk by man. Strong signal with some fading. Parallel 9704 noted with much weaker signal. SINPO 44333. (Jim Evans, TN)

Equatorial Guinea
5005, Radio Nacional, Bata. February-03 2035. brief Afro pops alternating male Vernacular talks. Abrupt sign off at 22222. (Lúcio Otávio Bobrowiec, Brazil)

7175 Voice of Broad Masses of Eritrea (Asmera), 0501-0506, 2/11/2009, Amharic. Talk by man and woman with occasional Horn of Africa music bridges. Poor signal. SINPO 23222. (Jim Evans, TN)

3965, Radio Taiwan International relay, Issoudun. February-03 Spanish text. 2006-2017. Male/female host. Signal quick enhancement, noisy SINPO 33222 (Lúcio Otávio Bobrowiec, Brazil)

5009.92v, Radio Nasionaly Malagasy (presumed). 0309-0337, Feb 6. First time recently that I have actually heard announcers and not just non-stop music, so they seem to be getting back to normal programming again. Seemed to be in French, DJ playing African hi-life music and songs; singing jingle (Stephen J. Price - Johnstown, PA reported hearing a station jingle, so perhaps this was it); sounded like speeches, with some background sounds; poor to fair reception. This continues to broadcast in conventional DSB mode (Ron Howard,CA)

6195.80, Radio Cusco, 1110-1115. Thought I'd check this out even though Bolivia's stations had faded. Heard a weak program of Huaynos music, didn't remain audible for much longer however. Signal began to fade almost immediately into the noise. At 1116 noted a few Spanish languagecomments. (Chuck Bolland, Fl February 17, 2009)

9720, Voice of Russia, 1015-1035, Kaliningrad. Noted a program of news and comments in German. Station ID as signal stayed on top of the noise until about 1034 when it began to fade to nil. (Chuck Bolland, FL February 17, 2009)

3915, BBC relay, 2303-2315, Feb 15, English BBC news and BBC news oriented programming. Weak but readable. (Brian Alexander, PA)

9330, Radio Damascus, 2145-2201+. Feb 15, in English!! Tune-in to local music. English at 2157 with brief news bulletin. Into Spanish at 2200. I should have tuned in earlier. Poor with low modulation. Carrier only on // 12085 with possibly very low imaginary modulation. (Brian Alexander, PA)

11735, Radio Tanzania-Zanzibar. 1800-1808, Feb 15, English Spice FM news. Into Swahili at 1808. Also heard at 2040- 2100* with Hindi style vocals. Swahili talk. Sign off with NationalAnthem. Fair level. Still with good audio. No distortion or wobbly carrier. (Brian Alexander, PA)

3396, ZBC Gweru, 0327-0345, Feb 14, Vernacular. Enjoyable easy-listening choral -like music with announcers text between selections. Tentative //4828 though signal there was to rough to tell for sure. Signal fair-poor. (Scott Barbour,NH)

4828, ZBC Gweru, 0105-0121, Feb 13. Vernacular. Continous easy-listening Afro pops. Signal lost under increasing band QRN at 0121. Signal fair-poor. (Scott Barbour, NH)