Friday, February 06, 2009

Review - 2009 Klingenfuss Shortwave Frequency Guide

2009 Shortwave Frequency Guide
13th Edition

The 13th Edition, 2009 Klingenfuss Shortwave Guide, has recently been released, and with earlier editions, the 2009 book release combines in one book, worldwide broadcast and utility stations to comprise two reference aids in one book.
The 448 page , 13th Edition, begins with a general overview of radio services followed by Monitoring utility stations, a how-to guide of features and a by-frequency utility radio station arranged with call signs, station name, mode and details.
Frequency list of broadcast radio stations introduce the worldwide broadcast scene, DRM (Digital Radio Mondiale) and a start/end DRM schedule.
The broadcast radio stations is listed by frequency (2310-21655 kHz), station name, country, start/end times, language, target areas and remarks.
DXers who would rather focus on a particular country, will find the same frequency listing and easy to follow format in the by-country section, Alphabetical List of Broadcast Radio Stations.
Frequency information, as well as parallel frequencies appear to be as accurate as possible considering seasonal frequency adjustments. As with other hobby publications, the Shortwave Frequency Guide, uses a respected staff of leading radio contributors, providing the latest in information on the broadcast scene.
The Klingenfuss Shortwave Guide, remains a favorite reference in my listening post. The book layout for quick information access is easy to use. Whether monitoring a utility or broadcast station, this basic, no frills method of radio reference remains an asset to every listener.
For ordering information on the 2008 Klingenfuss Shortwave Frequency Guide book, refer to: or Universal Radio Book # #3082, $ 39.95 + S/H. Phone: 1-800-431-3939; FAX 1 614 866-2339. Universal Radio, Inc., 6830 Americana Parkway, Reynoldsburg, OH 43068-4113 USA.
Review by Gayle Van Horn/Monitoring Times