Thursday, February 19, 2009

RNW - The new international disaster service

Press release

Date: 19 February 2009

RNW: the new international disaster service
Hilversum – When disaster strikes anywhere in the world Radio Netherlands Worldwide will go into action as an international disaster service. RNW will not only report on the events, it will provide a complete information service for any Dutch victims, those in trouble and their relatives. With special broadcasts, a separate website and mobile phone platforms all serving to keep the audience constantly up to date. RNW expects the disaster service to go into operation by spring 2009.

Dutch emigrants, expats and holidaymakers are regularly faced with natural disasters, major accidents, terrorist attacks, political upheavals and social conflicts. Everyone who is faced with these situations, directly or indirectly, wants fast answers to pressing questions: What happened? How could this happen? And then … who is missing? How do I get home? Who has more information? What can I do? Where can I get what I need?

One hour after the first report of a disaster a specially trained RNW team will start answering all those questions via radio, mobile phone, internet and BVN television. The news and information stream will be kept up to date from minute to minute with special broadcasts, a separate website and mobile platforms. For as long as is needed.

Editor-in-chief Rik Rensen explains: “It’s an extra service in addition to our existing programs. The disaster team is RNW’s response to the urgent requests for help and information we received during recent events like the violence in Mumbai and the lengthy airport strike in Bangkok.”
(R Baughn, MT)