Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Voice of Russia listener survey

Russia's DX-Portal invites all of radio enthusiasts to take part in the Survey named

"How do you listen to international radio"

It is conducted together with Russia's State Broadcasting Company "Voice of Russia".

Your participation is very significant for to receive complete and impartial picture of view of most active part of radio listeners' audience. The survey deadline is the 20th of February, 2009. For more information and Survey questions please visit http://dxing.ru/ and click the link from the main page or go to this item directly:
www.dxing.ru/content/view/930/52/ (Best option as the portal is in Russian, this page has the English link)

Thank you very much to all the participants in advance.

Best regards,
Vadim Alexeew
VoR Russian WS
DX-programme editor
(Wolfgang Bueschel/Mike Barraclough/worlddxclub)