Friday, February 13, 2009

Terrible Week for Australia

Our thoughts and prayers continue for those in Australia who have been affected by the bushfires in Victoria, and especially the brave firefighters. 3AW (693 AM) continues to cover the latest as we've been following this week. You can follow the latest via straming audio at:

Our friend and colleage Bob Padula, a resident of Melbourne, Victoria, weighs in with the following.

The ABC has expanded its coverage of the Victorian Bushfire Disaster.

This originates from the ABC's Melbourne studios at Southbank, primarily on 774 AM, and includes frequent reports from many agencies and authorities, including CFA, DSE, Red Cross, Salvation Army, Ambulance, the Army, Wildlife Services, and many other organizations.

The Bushfire Coverage includes on-location broadcasts from various Relief Centres, such as at Healesville, Yea, and Whittlesea.

ABC Regional outlets on AM and FM break for local reports at various times.

ABC Newsradio services are also carrying the Melbourne broadcasts for Australia-wide coverage.

Good quality streaming audio of ABC Melbourne is available at

Forget about Radio Australia, which has a pathetically small ongoing coverage of this disaster.
(Bob Padula)