Friday, February 06, 2009

Status on 2008 Radio St. Helena QSLs

Radio St. Helena Receives Letters From DXers
Gary Walters, Radio St. Helena
via Robert Kipp

In an email on 29 January 2009, Gary Walters, the RSH Station Manager, commented on the amount of mail regarding Radio St Helena Day 2008 and, indirectly, about the success of the "new" postal route.

"RSH Station Manager, Gary Walters, is pleased to announce that, between 14 and 19 January 2009, Radio St. Helena received 266 letters from Dxers around the world containing reports of the recent Radio St Helena Day shortwave transmission , which was held on the 15th of November 2008.

Staff at Radio St Helena will immediately set to work, when we have received the new QSL cards.

Gary and his staff send their best greetings to all DXers around the world and many thanks for their letters of appreciation."

The new RSD 2008 QSL cards have been printed and have arrived in Germany. The cards will be sent to St. Helena very soon, but it will take up to three months for the cards to arrive at RSH. Therefore, DXers should not expect to find their QSLs in the mail before about July 2009.
(Rich D'Angelo/worlddxclub)