Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Blogs Logs - focus on the Subcontinent

All times UTC // parallel frequency *sign-on sign-off*

All India Radio reported everyday while on DXpedition. Good signal and no interferences observed. Monitored on the following AIR frequencies from 0030.

AIR-Imphal 4775
AIR-Bhopal 4810
AIR-Gangtok 4835 (first log of this site)
AIR-Mumbai 4840
AIR-Lucknow 4880
AIR-Jaipur 4910
AIR-Chennai 4920
AIR-Guwahati 4940
AIR-Shillong 4970
AIR-Thinanvatapuram 5010
AIR-Jeypore 5040
(Arnaldo Slaen, Buenos Aires, Argentina)

All India Radio-Bangalore. 9445, 2100. Newscast to 2105 including items on US relations with politics. Engineer missed several program cues for canned spots and music, but finally was nudged awake by 2115! Knock your socks off signal but over modulated (Bruce Barker, PA).

All India Radio-Bangalore. 9690, 1427. Subcontinental music to lady announcer's English reference to Listener's Choice music program (Ron Howard, CA).

All India Radio-Bangalore. (tentative) 9870, 1359-1427. Subcontinental music and vocal tune to CRI (China) sign-on at 1400 which was stronger than AIR (Ron Howard, CA).

All India Radio-Bangalore. 11620, 2219. Forestry and Glocal Ecology program. SIO 444. (Robin Tancoo, Trinidad)

All India Radio-Bangalore. 11620, 2223-2230.* Featured program on music and musical artist. Station identification followed by traditional Indian music. Voice-overs of closing program routine of announcements and schedules . Moderate signal despite fading. No parallel frequencies audible. SINPO 34323 (Jim Evans, TN).

All India Radio-Chennai. 4920, 0112-0130. Vernacular language programming with presumed call-in program. Piercing flute music bits at 0127, followed by various announcers and music segments (Scott Barbour, NH).

All India Radio-Guwahati. 4940, 1150-1200. Deep-voiced lady announcer amid muffled audio 1220-1205. Possible newscast, no ID observed. return to music by 1205. Speech coverage at 1227 recheck. Great signal. (John Wilkins, CO).

All India Radio-Hyderabad. 7140, 0537. Hindi service including commercials and station identification. Fair signal considering the time of the day and frequency. (Al Muick, Kabul, Afghanistan).

All India Radio-Lucknow. 4880, 1208-1213. Usual AIR interval signal. Announcer's opening routine of announcements at 1215 into vocal music by male chorus. (John Wilkins, CO).

All India Radio-Panaji (Goa). 9820, 1303-1310. Listed as Sinhala. Hindi-like musical ballads to announcer's text. Observed // 7270 AIR-Chennai. Signal poor with amateur radio operators interference (Scott Barbour, NH).

All India Radio-Panaji (Goa). 9705, *2245-2300. Interval signal at 2244 to English station identification and opening announcement at 2245. Traditional vocal music. Station ID and newscast at 2300. Signal generally poor, though gradually improving on peaks over time. All parallel frequencies checked, but nothing heard. SINPO 23222 (Jim Evans, TN).

All India Radio-Shillong. 4970, 1507-1512. Local programming in English, switching over to New Delhi programming at 1512, which becomes // 9425. Have observed AIR always switches over to New Delhi programming at 1512, and continue such to "news at nine" until 1545. Afterwards, AIR switches to local Shillong programming until 1631 sign-off (Ron Howard, CA).