Monday, August 28, 2006

208 It Was Great - a nostalgic look at Radio Luxembourg

LUXEMBOURG 208 It Was Great
Like most books, it came about by a set of certain circumstances. Working with various broadcasters, they urged me to tell them stories about my early career in broadcasting with Radio Luxembourg which they seemed to have found facinating. They convinced me that I should commit to paper an account of those early days. I thought it was a good idea because I could do it for my children and future generations of my family, a sort of family history. I set to work with my trusty pen and paper, upon completion, various other members of the broadcasting profession voiced their approval and their opinion that I should seek a publisher.

So here, dear listener, is my account of a career with Radio Luxembourg 'The Station of the Stars' as seen through my eyes between 1958 and 1975 before I left to help launch a new radio station in the East Midlands.

It's an account of my good times, my bad times, my thoughts and people I crossed paths with on that exhilarating and exciting journey. A journey of which I will be eternally proud.

'208 It Was Great' consists of a foreword by Jimmy Savile, quotes from Noel Edmonds, Dave Christian and Michael Palin, 39 pages of photos and 121 pages of wordage in ten chapters.

1. In the Beginning
2.The Early Days
3. K.E.Y.N.S.H.A.M.
4. Technical Stuff
5. Swinging 60's and Beyond
6.The Presenters
7. Jimmy Savile
8. Monty Python
9. The Highlight of my Career
10. The End is Nigh

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