Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Niger adds radio and television to the web

Niger’s public broadcasting organization, Office de Radiodiffusion du Niger (ORTN), has a new website at http://www.ortn-niger.com/.
ORTN operates two television services, Tele Sahel and Tal-TV, and a nationwide radio service, La Voix du Sahel. The website offers on-demand video and audio files of the main news bulletins broadcast on all three television and radio services in the previous seven days.
Tele Sahel is broadcast terrestrially nationwide and is available to a wider audience on the Atlantic Bird 3 satellite at 5 degrees west, frequency 3646 MHz, right-hand polarization, symbol rate 2170, FEC 3/4.
La Voix du Sahel is broadcast throughout the country on various mediumwave and FM frequencies, and on 9705 kHz shortwave. It is also available on satellite, on the same Atlantic Bird 3 transponder transponder as Tele Sahel.
Tal-TV coverage is limited to the capital, Niamey, and surrounding areas.
(Source: BBC Monitoring research 7 Aug 06/R Netherlands Media Network Weblog)