Thursday, August 03, 2006

RTM Malaysia goes live on the web

Public broadcaster Radio Television Malaysia (RTM) has now made available its overseas service, Voice of Malaysia, live on the Web. This is accessible on two audio streams from the organization’s recently redesigned website at

Most of RTM’s national domestic networks have been available on live streams for some time, subject to free registration. Now all five are online and no longer require registration. These are:

Nasional FM - National 24-hour general service in Malay
Muzik FM - National 24-hour music presented in Malay
Traxx FM - National 24-hour general service in English
Ai FM - National 24-hour general service in Mandarin and other Chinese languages
Minnal FM - National 24-hour general service in Tamil
Also available:

KLFM - 24-hour general service for the capital
Asyik FM - Regional general service presented in Orang Asli. 0500-1300 gmt
Klasik FM - Music service for the capital, presented in Malay. 0400-1600 gmt
RTM’s two national television channels are also available on live video streams from the website: TV1 (labelled “Inforia Channel”) broadcasts in Malay and is on the air 2145-1800 gmt daily. TV2 (labelled “Family Channel”) is on the air round the clock in Malay, English, Mandarin and Tamil. Programme guides for both services are available on the site.

The site also has links to the individual websites of most of the RTM national radio networks and regional broadcasters.

(Source: BBC Monitoring research, 2 Aug 06/R Netherlands Media Network Weblog)