Friday, August 04, 2006

Blog Logs - focus on Brazil

The following by-frequency listings, represent what is being heard on shortwave from Brazil. Most stations broadcast exclusively in Portuguese, from 26 states scattered throughout the country. There are hundreds of stations to log and verify, and this current list should get you started for scanning the Brazilians. Stay tuned for Blog Logs as we focus on future loggings from South America, Asia and beyond.

kHz/ UTC / Portuguese unless otherwise indicated
3235 Radio Clube do Marilla, Marilla, São Paulo, 1016+ (AS, ARG)
3255 Radio Educadora 6 de Agosto, Xapuri 2218-2236 CG, POR)
3325 Radio Mundial, São Paulo 2210-2221 (CG, POR)
3385 Radio Guaruja Paulista, Madilia, São Paulo // 5940, 5045 2200 (CG, POR)
4764.9 R. Rural, Santarém, Pará 2205-2212 (MM, SPN)
4775 Radio Congonhas, Mato Grosso 2255-2352 (AP, DNK)
4785 R. Cairari, Porto Velho 2213-2218 (MM, SPN)
4805 Radiodiffusora do Amazonas, Manaus 2211-2213 (MM, SPN)
4825 Radio Educadora, Bragança, Pará 2120-2131 (MM, SPN)
4845.2 Radio Cultura Ondas Tropicais, Manaus 2201-2205 (MM, SPN)
4865 Radio Alvorada, Londrina 0508-0515 (MM, SPN)
4876.25 Radio Difusora Roraima, Boa Vista 2125-2155 (GVH, NC)
4885 Radio Club do Para 0245-0330 (GVH, NC)
4915 Radio Difusora Macapá 0550-fade out 0905 (CG, POR)
4924.8 Radio Educaçao, Rural, Tefé 2216-2222 (MM, SPN)
4935 Radio Capixaba, Vitoria, Espirito Santo 1007+ (AS, ARG)
5035 Radio Aparecida 2232-2236 (MM, SPN)
6135 Radio Aparecida 2130-2137 (MM, SPN)
6150 Radio Record, São Paulo 2122-2129 (MM, SPN)
9506 Radio Record, São Paulo 2134-2142 (MM, SPN)
9515 Radio Novas de Paz, Curitiba 2143-2148 (MM,SPN)
9565 Radio Tupi, Curitiba 2207-2211 (MM, SPN)
9615 Radio Cultural, São Paulo 2148-2157 (MM, SPN)
9630 Radio Aparecida 2133-2202 (MM, SPN)
11785 Radio Guaiba, Porto Alegre 2112-2119 (MM, SPN)
11804.9 Radio Globo, Rio de Janeiro 1011-1033 (MM< SPN)
11855 Radio Bandeirantes, São Paulo 1002-1010 (MM, SPN)

C. Gonçalves, Portugal/DX Window
M. Méndez, Spain/Cumbre DX
A. Petersen, Denmark/DX Window
A. Slaen, Argentina
G. Van Horn, NC