Friday, August 04, 2006

Australian DX Report available for download

The latest edition, No.6, of the weekly "Australian DX Report" is now
available for download as an MP3 file, produced by the Electronic DX Press Radio Monitoring Association, in Melbourne, Australia, as part of the "EDXP World Radio Network".

It is at programs are also available at the site.

The programs are also broadcast over WWCR, Nashville, Tennessee, on Sundays
on 5070 at 0200-0215, and on Tuesdays on 9985 at 0945-1000.

Musical intros and close-offs are added to the Internet version!

Free subscriptions are available at the above site via the RSS feed, providing direct Email notifications whenever a new program becomes available.

The programs are of 15 mins duration, and include news about high frequency
broadcasting, new schedules, monitoring notes, and propagation summaries.

Radio EDXP postal-delivered QSLs are available for correct reports for the
shortwave broadcasts, which should be sent to:

Radio EDXP
404 Mont Albert Rd
Mont Albert
Victoria 3127

Return postage is required for postal-mailed QSLs.

E-QSLs are also available, using the on-line template at http://edxp.orgReturn postage is not required for E-QSLs.

Good listening to the Australian DX Report!

Regards from Melbourne

(Source: Bob Padula, Australia/via Cumbre DX)