Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Italy's IRRS revised A06 schedule

The following revisions for station IRRS, should extend until the October schedule adjustment. Thanks to Alfredo E. Cotroneo, CEO, and Hard Core DX. This schedule has been edited from the original posting, to reflect a more complete by-hour listing.

IRRS Revised A06 schedule (effective Aug. 7, 2006)

UTC/ days: as (Sat/Sun) mtwhf (Mon-Fri)
Target areas: eu (Europe) af (Africa) as (Asia) me (Middle East)

0700-0800 as 9310eu
0800-0900 as 9310eu
0900-1000 as 9310eu
1000-1100 as 9310eu
1100-1200 as 9310eu
1200-1300 f 15750af
1300-1350 s 15750as
1400-1500 s 9310eu
1600-1700 f 9310eu/me
1600-1700 s 9310eu
1700-1800 f 9310eu/me
1700-1800 s 9310eu
1800-1900 mtwhfas 9310eu/me
1900-2000 mtwhfas 5775eu
2000-2030 mtwh 5775eu
2000-2100 fas 5775eu
2100-2200 fas 5775eu

IRRS-Shortwave is operated by NEXUS-International Broadcasting Association based in Milan, Italy ( Our broadcasts can be usually be heard in Europe, North Africa and the Middle East as a primary target area, and now to the Far East and West Africa via additional transmissions on 100 and 250 kW recently introduced in A06.
(Source: Alfredo E. Cotroneo, CEO,NEXUS-Int'l Broadcasting Association/HCDX)
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