Friday, August 18, 2006

Blog Logs - focus on India

Here's a glimpse of what's being heard from All India Radio, from DSWCI's DX Window. Don't forget we always welcome logs, either English or non-English from any shortwave station in any country. Send me your logs via email, and let all of us know what you're hearing on the bands!

All India Radio
3223.0 AIR Shimla, 1715-1721, Indian film songs and Vernacular ann. It was found off at 1731. Fair in general. Degraded mostly by static and local noise. Faint CW-QRM. Others 90m AIR stations been heard: 3315 and 3365. (Titarev in Dxplorer)

3223, 3315, 3365, 3390 and 3945 are still going strong. (Van Delft in India)

4760, AIR Leh, one Saturday I heard them opening at 1300. (Van Delft in NW India)

5050, AIR Aizawl not heard evenings. (Van Delft in India)

6000, AIR Leh. From a location in NW India, where I could listen just briefly, I noticed it at local noon. (Van Delft)

While touring Eastern Uttar Pradesh and Western Bihar recently, I checked which domestic AIR stations I could receive in full daylight on 6 and 7 MHz. I used my Sony ICF-7600G, only with its 1 m. telescopic antenna:
5985 Ranchi (poor modulation and strong hum)
6020 Shimla
6030 Delhi (Uttaranchal Progr.)
6040 Jeypore
6150 Itanagar
6190 Delhi (Northern Service)
6195 Lucknow, weak and // 7105 (a spurious product generated by the transmitter or my receiver)
7105 Lucknow // 6195
7115 Port Blair (weak with fading, not heard daily)
7120 Jaipur
7130 Shillong
7140 Hyderabad (often mixing with China Business R or ousted by them)
7150 Imphal
7160 Chennai
7180 Bhopal
7195 Mumbai (FM Gold Service // Chennai 7270)
7210 Kolkota (sometimes slightly drifting down)
7230 Kurseong (opening at 0720, news in E at 0730)
7240 Mumbai (now and then Lhasa was dominating this channel)
7250 Gorakhpur
7270 Chennai (FM Gold Service // Mumbai 7195)
7290 Thiruvananthapuram (weak and not heard daily)
7295 Aizawl. (Van Delft in India)

7195, AIR Mumbai, was lately noted on 7190. It was corrected to 7195 within a minute after my telephone call to the station yesterday afternoon. (Jacob, Jul 28)

7360, AIR Chennai Home Service (100 kW), *0130-0430*, Jul 28, AIR FM Gold in Tamil (ex 7270, AIR FM Gold in Hindi). (Jacob)

Some external services of AIR in the 41 mb are at present:
To Sri Lanka:
0000-0045 7360 Chennai Tamil 100 kW
0045-0115 7360 Chennai Sinhala 100 kW
1000-1100 7270 Chennai English 100 kW
1115-1215 7270 Chennai Tamil 100 kW
1300-1500 7270 Chennai Sinhala 100 kW. (Jacob, Jul 28)

These AIR frequencies are dropped/not heard:
7270 100 kW Chennai 0700-1330 1430-1740 (AIR FM Gold)
7275 100 kW Chennai 0025-0430 (AIR FM Gold)
7360 100 kW Delhi (Kingsway) 0700-1330 (AIR FM Gold)
9820 250 kW Panaji 1300-1500 Sinhala (Sri Lanka). (Jacob Jul 30)

(DX Window # 304)