Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Ethiopian BC Agency grants license to Radio Fana

The Ethiopian Broadcasting Agency has issued a commercial licence to Radio Fana. Broadcast Licencing Department Head Gizachew Tsegaye said that the agency gave the licence to Radio Fana based on its request of 11 October, 2004. Although the station is licenced as a commercial one, it ought to serve the society in a fair and balanced manner, he said.

Radio Fana Head Woldu Yimsel said that the station has been striving for development since its launch. The licence would encourage the station to enhance its activities to enable the nation to achieve the desired goal, he said. Woldu further indicated that the issuing of the licence has provided an opportunity for the private electronic media, which, he said, was predominantly owned by the government.

(Source: Ethiopian News Agency/R Netherlands Media Network Weblog)