Thursday, August 10, 2006

Blog Logs

The following by-frequency listings, are from contributor logging's that were cut from my upcoming SWBC Logging column due to space. Thank you to all the contributors who share their monitoring with the magazine. Stay tuned for more Blog Logs!

All times UTC, English unless otherwise indicated, // parallel frequency. * sign-on, sign-off*
2325 VL8T Tennant Creek 1311. Call in car show, no sign of 2310 or 2485. (WS, CAN)
3215 USA, WWCR 0349-0356. Tips on home improvement project. (JW, TN)
4052.5 Guatemala, R Verdad 0358-0403 Spanish/English. Multi lang music to ID. (JW, TN)
4739.71 Vietnam, R. Son La 1, 1347. Distorted signal, unk lang, (not Vietnamese) (WS, CAN)
4790 Peru, R. Vision (tent) 0128-0142 Spanish. Religious svc to tune-out. (SB, NH)
4810 Mexico, R Transcontinental 0516-0529 Spanish religious prgm. (MM, SPN)
4830 Mongolia, R. Commentaries and music. (MM, SPN)
4974 Peru, R del Pacifico 0534-0606 Spanish. Religious cmmtry. (MM, SPN)
5015 Turkmenistan, Turkmen R 2110-2123. Turkmen. Mx & cmmtry. (MM, SPN)
5019 Solomon Is. SIBC. 1404+, BBC news relay w/ adjacent signal splatter. (WS, CAN)
5446 USA, AFR Key West 0418. Progrm on raising children. Good sinal. (JW, TN)
5910 Colombia, Marfil Estereo 0630-0710 Spanish. Ranchera mx to IDs. (M, SPN)
6010 Colombia, LV de tu Conciencia 0623-0655. Spanish relig program. (MM, SPN)
6019 Peru, R Victoria 0610-0625 Spanish. Ids & religious program. (MM, SPN)
6035 Colombia, LV del Guaviare 2235-2256 Spanish. Ads, Ids, local mx. (MM, SPN)
6120 Japan, R France Intl 1422-1455. African news roundup to IDs. (SW, CAN)
6185 Mexico, R Educacion 0705-0723 Spanish operas. (MM, SPN)
6925U USA, Pirate-James Bond R. Seven movie themes & IDs. (JW, TN)
6925U USA, Pirate-WBNY. IDs, musical parodies. Fair signal (JW, TN)
6955 USA, Pirate-WMPR. Techno mx w/ IDs. Fair-good signal. (JW, TN)
7250 Vatican City, Vatican R. 0605-0617. Traditions of pilgrimages. (JW, TN)
7440 Ukraine, R Ukraine Intl. Folk music to announcer's tlk. Fair signal. (JW, TN)
9265 USA, WMLK 1936-1943+. Text from Bro. Jacob. Fair signal. (HF, MI)
9410 Cyprus, BBC WS relay 2010. Interviews abt Middle East conflict. (BF, ME)
9485 Clandestine-Taiwan, Shiokaze (Sea Breeze) 1321-1330* IDs (WS, CAN)
9505 Cuba, R Rebelde 1115 Spanish. Program Haciendo Radio, news & temps. (MM, SPN)
9615 New Zealand, R NZ Intl. Interview abt NZ labor unions. (JW, TN)
9710 R Vilnius 0841-0900. Commentary & ID for English svc. (MM, SPN)
9745U Bahrain, R. Bahrain (tent) 2350-0001. Arabic mx to 0001 Bonaire s/on. (SB, NH)
9925 Germany, VO Croatia 2227-2229. IDs, skeds, local language 2229:25. (HF, MI)
11625 Italy, Vatican R. 2005-2016+. Catholic news from Uganda & Congo. (HF, MI)
11660 Czech Rep. R. Prague 2143+ talk on hot hot summer //9410 poor. (WS, CAN)
11760 Cuba, R Havana 0501. Talk on USN base at Guantanamo Bay. (JW, TN)
11770 UK, BBC 0419+ Ukranian svc via 500 kW Rampisham. // 9895, 9560. (WS, CAN)
11815 Brazil, R Brasil Central 2324-2335+ Portuguese. Pop mx to several IDs. (HF, MI)
11930 Belarus, Belarussian R. 0359-0412. ID as "Belaruskaya Radio" w/ news. (WS, CAN)
11940 Romania, R Romania Intl 2148+. Fair signal // 15465 barely audible. (WS, CAN)
12180 USA, WWRB 1835-1903+. Investigating Journal program. (HF, MI)
13630 Australia, Radio 2157-2206*. ID, sked. After 2200 // 13620, 15240, 15230. (HF, MI)
15240 Sweden, R. Eurosong Contest information. (BF, ME)
15260 Russia, Voice of Eritrea 1622. Presumed Tigrinya, fair-good reception. (WS, CAN)
15295 Malaysia, Voice of 1624+. Fair reception w/ 200 kW according to ILG. (WS, CAN)
15385 Spain, SFR/REE. 0012. Report on China/Spain economic plan. (BF, ME)
15515 Australia, Radio 0615. Sports news on swimming & auto racing. (JW, TN)
15575 Oman, BBC WS. 0349 Sports news on British Open to weather update. (WS, CAN)

Scott Barbour, NH
Bob Fraser, ME
Harold Frodge, MI
Manuel Mendez, Spain/Cumbre DX
Walter Salmaniw, Canada