Wednesday, August 30, 2006

New studio for LNTV Laos

Lao National Television is to get a new studio and equipment for its entertainment and sports channel, thanks to a grant from the Chinese government. The studio will be built at LNTV’s headquarters in Vientiane. The accompanying equipment will include a transmitter. “We are in the process of securing a grant from the Chinese government for the project,” an LNTV spokesman said. It is understood the grant is worth about US$8 million.

LNTV runs two main channels: Channel 1, which focuses on development, education and the economy, and Channel 3, devoted to entertainment and sports. Both channels also carry news bulletins. Channel 3 was launched in 1994, with equipment from Cambodia provided by a private investor. The Ministry of Culture and Information later took control of the channel, and in 1999 it became part of LNTV.

The national broadcaster also operates two other channels, to relay programmes from abroad. China Central Television’s international channel, CCTV 9, is carried on Channel 7, and Vietnam Television programmes on Channel 11.

(Source: Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union/R Netherland Media Network Weblog)