Monday, August 28, 2006

Christian radio network expands in South America

With the addition of new affiliate stations in Chile, the CVC-La Voz radio network is celebrating an important milestone, reports Kenneth D MacHarg. Now, over 200 stations throughout the Americas and in Spain are carrying the Christian broadcaster's programs.

"In the mist of summer we are seeing a phenomenon," said CVC-La Voz director Juan Mark Gallardo. "An avalanche occurred at the Miami Lakes Studios of CVC."

Gallardo was referring to the addition of the Chilean radio network Conquista Alas de Aguilas to the CVC chain of stations. With the addition the affiliate's 22 stations and repeaters, the Miami Lakes, Florida,-produced programs are now available throughout the entire length of that South American country.

CVC-La Voz, is a Spanish-language programming service that originates in Florida and is distributed via satellite to stations throughout Latin America and Spain, as well as to a growing number of radio stations in the United States.

The innovative programming offers up to 24 hours a day of music, news, and sports, as well as programming for men, women and youth and other features. Included in the offerings is a daily mini-program by the popular Mexican singer Marcos Witt - A minute with Marcos.

In addition to the new stations in Chile, CVC-La Voz also is providing programming to new affiliates in Venezuela, Spain and Paraguay. CVC-La Voz programming is also heard throughout the region on shortwave and on line at

Programs are produced in the Miami Lakes studies which also shares space with a sister Portuguese programming service, CVC-A Sue Voz. The satellite signal is distributed via Pan Am Sat 9 and New Skies 806. Zacharias Liangas/Cumbre DX)