Saturday, August 05, 2006

Voice of Nigeria plans new shortwave broadcasting center


After years of planning and study, the dream of a new shortwave broadcasting center in Nigeria is coming true. Voice of Nigeria (VON) has contracted Thomson and its local partner for the supply of a DRM turnkey station close to the capital Abuja.
The project will be implemented in two phases, whereby the supply of the first phase includes: 250kW digital DRM transmitter, Thomson Type TSW 2300D; Cirrus, the Thomson DRM Multi-Program Multiplexer; Stratus, the Thomson DRM Versatile Modulator/RF Exciter; Thomson fix curtain antenna; New transmitter building, access and service roads, mains supply, fresh water supply, etc. The second phase will include two additional transmitters and a rotatabe antenna system.
With the implimentation of this ambigious new project, VON will have a highly modern, efficient and fully flexible broadcasting solution at its disposal, thus re-instating its roll as a leading shortwave broadcaster in Africa.

(Thomson RadioNews, Summer 2006 [released August 2006], via Bernd
Trutenau-LTU via Cumbre DX)