Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Corporation for Public Broadcasting announces 2007 radio grants

The US Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB) has announced that eleven organizations, each representing a single public radio station, have qualified for funding in Fiscal Year 2007 through CPB’s newly expanded Radio Community Service Grant program, bringing the number of organizations that will be receiving Radio CSGs to 406.

In September 2005, CPB’s Board of Directors approved several changes to the Radio CSG program, including an expansion of station eligibility for the program. Earlier this year, CPB announced its willingness to consider new applications to the Radio CSG program. The eleven organizations and their respective stations (listed below) are located in nine States. Contingent on Congressional approval of CPB’s budget, it is expected that the organizations will collectively be receiving over $1,000,000 in FY 2007.

Congress appropriates approximately $400 million annually to CPB. CPB, in turn, distributes these funds in accordance with a statutory formula, under which approximately 72 percent of funds go directly to 1,150 local public television and public radio stations. The CSG program is the largest grant program, accounting for $262.8 million in FY 2006. Stations use Community Service Grants for operational expenses; the production or acquisition of local and national programming; and to strengthen local services such as outreach initiatives and educational workshops.

Qualifying Stations:

KCLU-FM, Thousand Oaks, CA
KDUR-FM, Durango, CO
KRFC-FM, Fort Collins, CO
KGLT-FM, Bozeman, MT
KMFA-FM, Austin, TX
KMOJ-FM, Minneapolis, MN
WTIP-FM, Grand Marais, MN
KOHN-FM, Sells, AZ
WGDR-FM, Plainfield, VT
WGVV-LP, Rock Island, IL
WTMD-FM, Towson, MD
(Source: R Netherlands Media Network Weblog)